Thursday, February 16, 2006

Today's sneakers fuse performance, lifestyle | - Houston Chronicle

Today's sneakers fuse performance, lifestyle | - Houston Chronicle: "Run DMC set a fashion trend in motion with its 1986 rap hit, My Adidas. Young fans everywhere began sporting pristine white Adidas sneakers with style.

Twenty years later, a nation of sneakers enthusiasts are singing their own tune: My Pumas. My Reeboks. My Nikes. My Converses.

In 1985, Nike debuted Michael Jordan's famed Air Jordan I, a black, red and white sneaker that broke the NBA's rule regarding all-white basketball shoes. Jordan only wore the shoes three times, but experts say the controversy fueled the Air Jordan craze. Nike celebrates the release of Air Jordan XXI ($150) this week. It's the 21st shoe in the Air Jordan family.

For people looking for comfort over fashion, a wave of therapeutic sneakers also have hit the market. The curious-looking Z-Coil shoe ($200) is a walking shoe with a heel made of a steel coil. It's designed to ease foot pain and prevent other foot ailments by providing additional support and cushion."