Thursday, December 30, 2004

Church of the Customer: 10 resolutions for 2005

Church of the Customer: 10 resolutions for 2005: "2004 was a busy year for word of mouth. From BzzAgents to blogs to podcasting, marketers have more tools than ever to facilitate buzz.
That's word of mouth. Customer evangelism focuses on building relationships with existing customers who spread the word and believe in your company, its people or its values. Customer evangelists volunteer to help you find other customers just like themselves to help grow and strengthen your community. They do this voluntarily because you have bonded with them emotionally.
2005 may be the year that word of mouth and customer evangelism come into their highest prominence yet; to help out, we have assembled a list of ten resolutions to consider for the new year. After all, year-long resolutions about customers seem a lot easier than staying with a new diet."

Z Coil Shoes: Forum

Z Coil Shoes

Posted by Trudy on 11/23/04 at 11:44
I have heard alot about the Z-Coil Shoes. I would like to hear from people that have tried these.

Posted by Lynn F. on 11/23/04 at 15:38
Trudy - I know 2 people (one with PF) who swear by them. I thought they were quite strange at first but now I am willing to give them a shot. I asked my podiatrist about them today in fact, but he wasn't familiar with them and couldn't offer advice. I'm going to order them and will post once I've tried them.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Interested in setting up a blog? Expert tells you how

MONTREAL (CP) -- Weblogs, known as blogs, are growing by bits and bytes as everyday people become self-publishers who espouse their personal views without the discerning filter of the mainstream media.

Thousands of new blogs are created around the world every day, and experts have a few tips for those looking to join the burgeoning online phenomenon.

James Elve, creator of the website, says blogs provide regular citizens with a chance to become independent publishers on a shoestring.

Prospective bloggers can visit the site, where they can set up their own web publication in less than 10 minutes -- free of charge.

Some, such as, offer practical entrepreneurial advice on marketing, customer service and public relations.

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Z-CoiL Footwear : San Jose Shark's Mark Smith in Z-CoiL's!

Z-CoiL Footwear : San Jose Shark's Mark Smith in Z-CoiL's!

Mark Smith, center for the San Jose Sharks, is the latest celebrity in Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear! Mark came into our store on Saturday to buy a pair of Nikes for training purposes, which we do not carry. He tried a pair of Z-CoiL's on and took them for a run outside and was very impressed in the amount of impact reduction that is provided. After a couple of slight adjustments, he was on his way!

Till later,
San Jose, CA

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Last night I attended my first bloggers meeting

Ben McConnell, author of Creating Customer Evangelists, organized an informal meeting at the Westlake Center Food Court.

I was able to share with the others:

about how I first heard Ben speak in New Mexico in June on the subject of customer evangelists.

It was a real eye opener to have defined for me those folks that came in to tell me about my business. Prior to his presentation, I was not receptive to those folks coming in giving me real time feedback and ideas on their vision for my business. Since his talk, I am much more ready to adjust, revise, change or at least listen to my customer evangelists-some of whom are created on the spot once they have tried on the Z-coil footwear for the first time. Experiencing pain relief for some is so life changing, they want to impart their insights into how to insure that my business succeeds.

I was able to thank Ben for the insight he gave me on who this person is, and how this information changed my business practice.

Last night, Alice Cunningham heard my name and remembered meeting me years ago (20+) at the WBO and a common acquaintance we had. She impressed me with her memory skills and the stories she told of the little things she does to thank her customers. When a repeat customer moved for the third time into a house with a pool and told her he would not be purchasing that
third hot tub, she sent him towels and a couple of rubber duckies saying "Please use these until you decide you want to go back to a hot tub" and other such vignettes.

Pete Winemiller shared how he hires people who not only have the people skills to greet and serve the public, but they must be problem solvers in the moment. So the concessionaire who hears a disgruntled season pass holders complaint on Friday night is not only empowered to assist the customer, but this is their job description. The goal is to not have this same customer calling on Saturday morning still not properly assisted.

Many of those present talked about the blog experience. Ben asked me when will I be posting on my blog. This will be my first attempt. Let me know if you see it!

Lotchie Kerch DPM
owner of Your 2 Feet
a pain relief foot center in Seattle, Wa.


Friday, December 17, 2004

ABQjournal: For Neighbors in Need, You Came Through

ABQjournal: For Neighbors in Need, You Came Through: "After an Albuquerque shoe store manager read of the many tragedies that befell the Kerrigan family, he offered custom-fit Z-coil shoes for Leslie Kerrigan, who suffers agonizing back pain. He realized his donation would not ease the pain of losing her 17-year-old daughter or replace the two homes lost to fires, but he hoped the specialty shoes would alleviate back pain so Leslie can work again. She is the sole provider and caretaker for her husband, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, and their adult son, who has developmental disabilities and epilepsy."

By Linda Burke
For The Telegraph

Bethel Community Storehouse

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Church of the Customer: Firefox ad runs around the world

Church of the Customer: Firefox ad runs around the world: "The now infamous Firefox ad ran in the NY Times today. It's a two-page spread on pages A24 and A25. Over 10,000 names of customer evangelists who donated money to make the ad possible appear in the ad (albeit in extremely small typeface.)

You can see the Mozilla press release and actual ad here. Or buy a commemorative poster of the ad here : )

While the ad design itself is not super remarkable, it's the idea of rallying customers together to support the ad that is rather amazing.

Rob Davis, who drove the ad idea, says they hit their first goal of 2,500 donations in 17 hours. In the end, 10,000 individuals, families, and companies donated over $250,000.

German customer evangelists also jumped on the idea. 2,403 people donated $93,000 for an full-page ad (PDF) that appeared in the business section of the Frankurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

Think this is just warm and fuzzy hype?


Goody 2 Shoez Waco, TX: Testimonials, Video Interview, Z-Circus Pix

“My work week consists of 70 + hours per week. My feet hurt so bad at the end of the day that when I went to bed at night I had to prop my feet up on a pillow so that they did not touch the bed while I slept. I have always said that there is no way I would ever spend more that $100 on a pair of shoes but that all changed when tried on the Z-Coils. Now that I have been wearing Z-Coils I can sleep normal, and I do not have near as much pain in my feet and back.”

Kenneth B.
Teague, TX

“ I have plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma, I have had neuromas removed from one foot. I work 4-5 days per week 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM taking care of patients at the hospital. I have noticed that since I have been wearing Z-Coils I have been able to continue to work hard, I have been able to keep up my pace and still have energy at the end of the day. They do make my life a lot better. I wear them all of the time.”

Kay O.
Robinson, TX

Video: News Segment November 2004
Photo: Z-Coils at the Circus

Monday, December 13, 2004

Spring's Pain Relief Z-CoiL Footwear: Testimonial: Auto Accident Retail Worker

2004 Puyallup Fair: Audio Interview: Susan works at Safeway and was in an auto accident and...

New Z-CoiL Christmas Graphic

From Caesar Snee / EZ Shoes

Blog: Tangled Threads and Seaweed: In Absentia

Going to visit doctors has become a big part of my life. I don't know how old people can stand to do this all the time, because it makes me crazy. Sure, you know what day it is, but it is exhausting to do all this running around. Getting older just isn't easy or fun. The day after my stitches came out of the left hand/wrist, I had a checkup with the orthopedic doctor. That office was stacked full of people, and I was glad Joe didn't come with me for that appointment. It took over 1.5 hours total - I got my knee drained again and a different medication injected into it which is supposed to be a better anti-inflammatory treatment. Since I was still having problems walking well, we discussed braces, drugs, and other longer-term treatments...

I also got a pair of the Z-Coil shoes like Joe has been wearing and I noticed a HUGE improvement after just one afternoon.

If only these shoes weren't so damn ugly... they have a huge coil spring under the heel which provides cushioning from the impact of walking. They are marketed for relief from heel, leg, and back pain. They aren't cheap but they sure seem to be worth the cost.

BBC NEWS | Health | Diabetes vaccine trials to begin (Video)

BBC NEWS | Health | Diabetes vaccine trials to begin: "A vaccine that could cure Type 1 diabetes is to be tested on people for the first time.
King's College London and Bristol University have recruited 72 diabetic patients for the trials in late Spring.
The vaccine works by stopping the destruction of pancreas cells that produce insulin, which is needed to break down sugar in the normal way.
If successful, they will recruit more volunteers with the help of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Georgina Slack, head of research at Diabetes UK, said: "A hundred years ago, Type 1 diabetes was a death sentence.

"We have come a long way in terms of managing the condition.

"Now we are seeing new approaches in research emerge which are improving the chances of providing a cure.

"There is no doubt that any breakthroughs would have a huge impact on the treatment of people with diabetes.""

Thursday, December 09, 2004

ABQjournal: Deceased Daughter Is Only One of Family's Devastations

ABQjournal: Deceased Daughter Is Only One of Family's Devastations Few families suffer the myriad losses the Kerrigan family has sustained in less than a decade.
Most devastating was the death of their 17-year-old daughter to a speeding driver. The Kerrigans' niece and nephew survived the accident, but the impact of the crash ejected Tamara 180 feet from the car, and she died instantly.

After the memorial service, the family kept Tamara's ashes in an urn at their home to feel closer to her. In 1997, Tamara's urn was the only thing to survive a terrible fire that swept through and destroyed the Kerrigans' home. All their pictures of Tamara were lost in the house fire, another devastating blow for the family still grieving the loss of their daughter. Later, as a gift, Leslie Kerrigan's mother would give her the photographs she had of Tamara.

The family relocated to the East Mountains to try to rebuild their lives. Neither Leslie nor Michael Kerrigan had formal educations beyond high school, but both were hard-working— she a waitress and he a chef. They focused on getting their lives back on track and helping their son, Jason, who is challenged by developmental disabilities and epilepsy...

Just when it seemed there was nothing more this family could be dealt, Leslie, the family's last breadwinner, injured her back at work. She slipped on a wet floor while carrying a heavy bucket.

Despite her injury and severe pain, she continued to work a number of days each week.
She had no choice as the sole provider for her family. But eventually the pain from being on her feet and carrying heavy trays of food became more than Leslie could manage. When she couldn't keep up with the work schedule, she was fired.

"I wouldn't wish this on anyone," said Leslie of the family's series of devastating experiences.
Leslie has been told that Z-coil shoes could help alleviate enough of her back pain to return to work. But the shoes are more expensive than the family can afford, since they are living only on Michael's $671 disability income...

Linda Burke
Telegraph Contributor
Bethel Community Storehouse
United Way of Central New Mexico

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Groundbreaking iStep F.I.T. Technology Introduced to Retail Footwear Market

PR Newswire - news distribution, targeting and monitoringNew technology measures foot length, width, arch type and pressure points and helps retailers identify ideal footwear for their customers

TEANECK, N.J., Dec. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Apex Foot Health Industries introduces the iStep F.I.T., a groundbreaking advance in digital foot scanning technology for the footwear and footcare industries. The iStep F.I.T. is a major addition to the original iStep Pressure Plate, a popular in-store computer system that determines arch type and pressure points during standing or walking.

The iStep F.I.T. expands on that concept by using patented Footwear Integration Technology to accurately measure and analyze the foot and then recommends the best shoes and inserts available in the store for that particular customer. By categorizing customers based on their foot length, width, arch type and pressure points, retailers can easily identify the
products that truly meet their customer's needs.

Larry Schwartz, president of Apex, says, "All shoes in the market place are made on different lasts with different materials. A particular shoe style that feels great on my feet may actually feel uncomfortable on yours, even if we're the same size. Optimum foot comfort occurs when you find products that are designed for your individual needs, and the iStep F.I.T. is the first
technology on the market to offer this unique capability."

iStep F.I.T. software online demo

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A simple cure for chronic pain

An article on how Z-CoiL footwear relieved an individual's back pain was published in the December issue of First For Women Magazine (circulation 1,598,116).

Click the title to read the story (pdf).

PRESS RELEASE: Seattle Z-CoiL Dealer Celebration now an Online Music Video Thanks to muvee autoProducer

Your2Feet, the one stop foot shop, Digitally Documents 1st Anniversary On Microsoft’s MSN Spaces

Port Townsend, WA (PRWEB) December 8, 2004 -- Independent Z-CoiL retailer, Your2Feet, celebrated there first year as the Pacific Northwest’s premier pain relief foot shop Saturday December 4th. Photos and music written and performed by the Seay Family were digitally captured by consumer evangelist JOlmsted and quickly assembled into a Music Video with muvee autoProducer 3. The casual video editing software produced a professionally paced production in about thirty minutes.

The Your2Feet 1st Anniversary Celebration Music Video was uploaded to Sony’s free music video community, ACIDplanet. A link to the video was easily posted to JOlmsted’s MSN Spaces blog account.

ACIDplanet provides its community of over 200,000 individual digital musicians the most exciting place on the Web to create music, collaborate, listen, chat and publish their own music for the world to hear.

Music Video Link
1st Anniversary Photo Gallery

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

EZ Shoes: Cool Z-Christmas Graphic

San Jose, CA

The Seattle Times: Pacific Northwest Magazine : Wrap it Up

The Seattle Times: Pacific Northwest Magazine : Wrap it Up: "Z-Coil shoes are certainly one way to put a spring in your step. And you can't miss them. The heel is a coil.

The product's goal is to relieve foot and back pain as well as arthritic and knee problems by cushioning the shock of each step and redistributing pressure. The coils can be adjusted to match your walking style or troubleshoot a squeak or click. "


Your2Feet 1st Anniversary Celebration Music Video

Your2Feet 1st Anniversary Celebration, created by JOlmsted and presented through

Yesterday, Your2Feet, Seattle, celerbrated their 1st Anniversary. Click the title to see the music video created with digital photos snapped at the event and music that was played by Bob Seay and his daughter.

Shoe leather artist Karalee shows off her Z-Clog creation.

Total Relief Footwear: New Dealer Z-Blog

Total Relief FootwearZ-CoiLs are excellent shoes for alleviating foot leg and back pain.

Click on the link below for a list of common ailments and how Z-CoiLs relate to them:

Happy Holidays,

Cam White
Total Relief Footwear

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Z-CoiL Shoes - Europe for Visitors

Z-CoiL Shoes - Europe for Visitors: "Is it possible to enjoy sightseeing without sore feet? Until recently, I would have said "no," at least for those of us who spend more time trudging over cobblestones than sitting in sidewalk caf├ęs. But with Z-CoiL shoes, the rules have changed: These odd-looking but cleverly engineered shoes literally put a spring in your step--and in doing so, they become effective shock absorbers for your feet and ankles.

The front of the sole has 20 mm (3/4") of neoprene rubber cushioning to protect the forefoot, and the shoe's footbed incorporates a rigid plastic orthotic for arch support and stability. Such design features have helped Z-CoiL shoes to gain a cult following among nurses, chefs, and other people who work on their feet all day."

Field Test

Overall verdict:
Z-CoiL shoes are the best shoes I've ever worn for heavy-duty urban walking and sightseeing. They're even more comfortable than the Birkenstock shoes that have been my standard travel footwear for the last 15 years. If you do a lot of walking, try a pair the next time you're in a city with a Z-CoiL dealer.

Durant Imboden's
Europe for Visitors

Decorated Footwear and the Art of Pain Relief Playshops


Some Z-CoiL® authorized dealers and customers are enjoying decorating Z-CoiL footwear. If you are interested in being creative with your Z-CoiL footwear, call your local dealer to find out if and when an "Art of Pain Relief" playshop is scheduled in your area.

InfoWorld TechWatch: Word of The Year: Blog

InfoWorld TechWatch: Word of The Year: Blog: "The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and other papers this morning ran a story stating that blog was the most common word visitors to Merriam Webster's online site sought a definition for throughout 2004.
The mild irony, perhaps, is that blog is not yet in the dictionary; then again, its newness must be precisely why so many people looked it up.
Merriam-Webster's editors, the story said, already had plans to include it in next year's hardbound edition, and due to the overwhelming number of lookups, have already added it online.
The fact that blog is not yet in the hardbound edition, and was only recently added to the online version, reminds me of an English teacher I had in high school who used to say that any dictionary worth its weight is obsolete by printing time, because the language evolves at such a rapid pace that dictionary compilers cannot keep up via annual editions. "