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Shoe History: If the shoe fits

If the shoe fitsShoe X-Ray Machine

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Dear Jack,

There are several Z-coil shoe stores around the country - or at least here in the southwest. None of them owned by Shirley, and to my knowledge she never thought of opening a chain. There is one in Santa Fe, NM and I know of one in Prescott, AZ. I don't have the names nor the addresses. We meet folk at various spots in the country that have them and swear by them. Shirley still wears them and loves them.

Have a good week.
Fri, 22 Oct 2004 21:08:29 -0400

Email to Shirley Maclaine Dot Com:

I'm seeking the Enquirer 2002 article written about Shirley Maclaine. In the story, she talked about Z-CoiL shoes. Is it in the online archive?

Does Shirley wear the bouncy shoes?

Rumor Mill: Shirley entertained the idea of opening a Z-CoiL store chain of stores. True?


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My Story: JOlmsted

I have had a major bad back since selling newspapers at Ford Ord, CA at the age of 10. I spent two weeks chopping wood before standing on my feet for 12 hours a day at the Puyallup Fair last month. My back was way out of whack.

But, after standing on concrete for two days with the spring in my soul that supported 40%-50% of my body weight, my back felt great! I just had to lay down a couple of times during the day for about 20 minutes and that was it. Zero Pain. I couldn’t even crack my back when I went to bed! My back was like aligned.

I interviewed over 75 Z-CoiL owners that passed by the 10X10 booth and took over 480 digital pictures. The personal stories are being published at the Your2Feet Blog ( They are unedited, two-minute (max) audio (wav, 1meg) interviews that explain why these individuals spent over $200 to put a spring in their step. Check them out! See the September 2004 achieves for all the multimedia coverage during the 17 day fair.

Monday, October 18, 2004

eBay - z coil, Men's Shoes, Women's Shoes at low prices

eBay - z coil, Men's Shoes, Women's Shoes The reasons behind selling Z-coiLs on eBay.

I didn't have a store, had just bought some from a distributor so would have some to sell with my "Shoe Spring" shoes, I ran a tea room so was just selling these shoes and other items, I did not try to sell them back to the other distributor.
Response to your question for item #5331021646 - Z-Coil shoes New Mens Size 8 or Womens size 9.5

I purchased the shoes because they really feel good and I wanted to use them at the gym on the treadmill. Then I found I never wear them. I am a home inspector by trade and I cannot wear the shoes due to ladders and places I have to go. I usually go to the gym after I finish work and they are too large for my gym bag. As a result they sit in my closet.
Response to your question for item #5330899602 - Z Coil Mens Jogging Shoes Black Size 10

Hi, Thanks for looking at my auction. I wear a size 9 ladies Z-coil and I have a pair that I couldnt live without. I love them. I have plantar fasciitis and they've saved my life. These are a size 8 and my husband picked them up thinking that they'd fit me but don't. Thanks
Response to your question for item #5331154531 - Womens SIZE 8 Z-COIL chocolate BROWN Shoes CLOGS slipon

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Z-Life of Tampa Bay - Authorized Dealers of Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear

Z-Life of Tampa Bay - Authorized Dealers of Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear: "Mike and Debi Rogers, are the owners of Z-Life, Inc. which opened as an authorized Z-Coil Pain Relief Center in Palm Harbor, FL in October, 2003. They opened their second store in New Port Richey in May, 2004.

Debi has arthritis in both knees and suffered from knee and back pain for several years. She and her husband, Mike were shopping for a much-dreamed-of RV one day and Debi was in a lot of pain, really limping, when the RV salesman noticed her limp and asked her what was wrong. He smiled and said “You just need to get some of these shoes like I’ve got on!”. He showed her his Z-Coils and told her how he was “bone-on-bone” in both knees, but with Z-Coils, was able to work, on his feet, without pain – no longer taking the 12-15 pain pills that he had been taking daily! In fact, he talked more about enthusiastically the Z-Coils than he did about the RV. He couldn’t help himself – he was excited!

The Rogers’s did not buy an RV that day – instead they went home and called an uncle who is a doctor, and asked to him about Z-Coils. He had never heard of them, but did some research and later told Debi he thought they might really help her situation and encouraged her to try them. He also told Debi’s cousin who drove to Houston, Texas to get her first Z-‘s, reporting back that they had helped her walk with no knee pain.

So Mike and Debi drove from Lexington, Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia – over 350 miles – to buy her first pair of Z-Coils after hearing about them from that RV salesman. They felt really comfortable on her feet and what’s more – Debi noticed a difference immediately – the knee pain and back pain was immediately relieved and the shoes helped her to stand up straighter as well. Mike bought a pair too, mainly because he wanted to make sure he was taller than his wife! They felt great on his feet and he became an instant convert to the preventative benefits of Z-Coil!

(Click Title To Read More)

Z-Life of Tampa Bay - Z-Coil Walk of Fame

Z-Life of Tampa Bay - Authorized Dealers of Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear: "

George Strait – Country Music Singer, Actor.

Sergey Brin – Co-Founder of Google

Roy Jones, Jr – Pro Boxing Champion

Joe Walsh – Rock Singer – The Eagles.

Curley Johnson – 13 years in NFL
(New York Jets – Super Bowl ‘69).

Bill Dorfman – Dentist on Extreme Makeover TV show.
Donald Rumsfeld – US Secretary of Defense.

Caroline Rhea – Actress/Comedienne – Rosie O’Donnell Show 2002.
Gary Grubbs – Movie/TV actor –
most recent movie: Runaway Jury

Shirley MacLaine – Actress, featured in Z’s on page 1
Enquirer 2002

George Jones – Country music singer.

Yvonne Graham – Distance runner.
2nd fastest woman in the world
(1500 m), 3rd fastest (3000 m) at height of career.
German & Jamaican national teams.

Margaret Cho – Comedienne.

Carol Duvall – HGTV Craft show hostess.

Depak Chopra – Author and Motivational speaker.

Bobby Burgess – Mouseketeer, Singer/Dancer -
Lawrence Welk Show.

Z-Life Press Release: October 2003

Palm Harbor, FL. (October 16, 2003)

Forrest Gump once said, “I bet you could walk around all day in shoes like that and not feel a thing!” Guess what Forrest – you really can – with patented Z-Coil Pain Relief FootwearTM , according to thousands of satisfied Z-Coil customers!

Z-Life, Inc. has opened as an authorized Z-Coil Pain Relief Center at 819 County Rd 1(between Curlew Road and Tampa Road) - in the Country Woods Plaza, next to Pizza Hut. Store hours are 10:00 am-6:00 pm, Tuesday-Saturday or by appointment, if necessary. Mike and Debi Rogers of Dunedin are the owners.

“Z-Coil shoes have literally given me back my life!” says Debi, who has suffered from knee and back pain for years. She and her husband, Mike drove from Lexington, Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia – over 370 miles – to buy her first pair of Z-Coils after hearing about them from other satisfied users. They became so excited about the difference Z-Coils made in Debi’s life that Mike decided to check out the company, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and subsequently went through intensive company training to become an authorized dealer.

“These shoes are absolutely amazing! ” he says. “Teenagers like them because they are cool-looking. Adults enjoy them because they feel so good and they significantly reduce the impact on your joints. They are especially wonderful for people who do a lot of walking on their jobs or have to be on their feet all day.”

Z-Coils, designed with a built-in orthotic, along with a shock-absorbing steel coil and extra thick forefoot cushioning, have been tested by the U.S. Department of Energy at Los Alamos, New Mexico where they were proven to reduce the rate of impact to the body by 50% or more, compared with top running shoes. It was also found that Z-Coils provide an energy return of 40-50%. Testimonials from Z-Coil users abound, who say they have experienced relief from foot, knee, leg and back pain. More information is available on the Z-Coil corporate website at

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Z-Shoes: Testimonials: Pain/Profession

Testimonials suffered a serious, job-related wound to my lower back & sciatica nerve 12 years ago. I gradually went from not able to walk to being able to walk short distances -- surgery to repair is not an option as everything that could be done had been done. Pain management was now a priority and even the radial freezing procedure was at an end due to scar tissue. Foot travel was severely limited and I was down to a rascal scooter for public travel and a quad for outdoor moving around on our rural surroundings. I was on 3 Vicodin (7.5-750) per day.

And then one day, a supply salesman that comes into my wife's hair salon came in with the funniest shoes and an even funnier spiel. Yeah, Right! Well, my wife sat me down and said--"Try 'em!" Immediately upon standing up I felt a MAJOR change--NO PAIN and I walked, and then I walked some more and then I walked even more. I walked more than I have in years. Before I could have gone maybe 60 yards and then had to wait 20-30 minutes to make it back to my starting point. After a week of wearing the shoes, I can now go back AND forth to the same storage room 4-5 times with no recovery time needed.

I am down to 1 Vicodin/day and hope to reduce that to 5.50-500 or even 1/2 of a 7.5-750. My neurologist is amazed and asked for brochures for his office and for his own information to help his patients--the man is not narrow minded and is all for using whatever is necessary to help his patients. I am not saying these are a cure-all, but I AM saying I now have a fuller and more productive life that is pain-free

Thank you for helping make my life enjoyable again.

Claude Fogel
Chino Valley, AZ

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sportsguide Magazine: A Spring In Your Step

Sportsguide Magazine: "For several weeks, a daily newspaper ad featuring a running shoe with a huge coil spring under the heel caught my attention. At first I dismissed it as just another gimmick to suck in shoe-fetish runners. However, after reading the claims that the “U.S. Department of Energy tests show Z-Coils reduce skeletal shock by 50 percent,” and wanting to run forever, I decided to check out the shoe for myself.

I purchased a pair of Z-Coil running shoes at the Provo store (276 N. University Ave, another store is located at 6235 S. Highland Drive in Salt Lake City). The salesperson was knowledgeable about the shoe and its benefits and did a credible job fitting my feet to the proper size and spring. After a test run, I felt like the spring was too light and she fitted the shoe with a stronger spring. My initial impression while running back and forth on the sidewalk outside the store was that it felt similar to other top of the line, cushioned running shoes. Although pricey at $150, the shoe can be returned for a full refund after a week if you are dissatisfied. I left with the shoes and a handful of promotional material.

The slick, professional-looking brochure touts the shoes as “pain-relief footwear”, designed to reduce or eliminate foot pain, leg pain, and/or back pain. Although I have neither foot nor leg pain, as with most runners my age, running for some 40 years has left me with nagging lower back pain at times. The shoe is advertised as having “four times more cushioning than any regular shoe” with “over an inch of heel cushioning “ and “over ? inch of forefoot cushioning.” I found the shoe to have a comfortable fit, to feel stable (much to my surprise), and to, indeed, feel well-cushioned while testing it at the store. Plus, wearing them, I was inch taller than normal." (Click Title to Read More)

Dr. Tom’s doctorate is in exercise and sports science and he teaches at the Utah campuses of the University of Phoenix. He can be contacted at (801) 685-6007 or

Gentle Solz - Radio Spot

When you visit the Gentle Solz web site, a radio ad automatically begins.

Gentle Solz Testimonial
Charlottesville, VA

On October 2nd, 2003 at the Virginia State Fair I came across a booth run by Lisa Lewis and John Gathright who were selling Z-Coil footwear. I stopped and asked some questions and they offered to let me try them on and walk around the exhibition hall.

I figured, heck, the shoes can't be as good as they're describing. All it took was for me to stand up and walk a few steps and I knew I had to have them.

I had no money with me at the time and asked them to hold the shoes, which they graciously did.

You see, I was injured about 10 years ago in the first Gulf War and was currently taking several different types of medication to control the pain in my right foot and lower back. The amount of time I was able to walk had been limited to 1 1/2 to 3 hours before I'd begin limping.

Since the injury I'd had the pain medication dosages increased several times.

On October 3rd, 2003, my life changed for the better when I returned to the fair and purchased a pair of Z-Coil CloudWalkers. I wore my new shoes from about 1:30 that afternoon until about 9 p.m. that evening with no pain or limping.

I have worn the shoes every day since and have been very comfortable.

For the first time since my injury some 10 years ago, I'm not in pain by the end of the day. Everywhere I go I sing the praises of Z-Coil and recommend them to anyone who may be suffering foot, leg or back pain.

I give them John's telephone number and web address. All I can say is, "God bless the person who invented Z-Coil" because I no longer have to suffer excess pain.

Terri Tsu

Monday, October 11, 2004

EasyCFM.COM Forum - Testimonials To Z-Corporate With Personal Information Attached

EasyCFM.COM Forum -From:
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2002 3:12 PM
Subject: Testimonial

FROM="Robert Perry"
Body=" I have been suffering from lower back , heel and arch pain. Which has made it difficult to do my job as a service Tech. on the go, as well as being able to go for walks and exercise.
One day while in between service calls I was listening to a local sports radio show and they were discussing the Z-Coil shoes with Al Gallegos. I had seen these shoes at the VA hospital, many of the nurses were wearing them and thought to myself how weird they looked.

Anyway, the program got me interested in the shoes, then they anounced that the 6th and 10th caller would win a pair of the Z-Coil shoes so I dialed the radio program and was the 6th caller.
Later that day I stopped by the Z-Coil store and met many very nice people including Mr Gallegos. A very nice lady fitted me with my new shoes.

I have been wearing those shoes since and have no more pain in my back or feet and I walk every day now and maybe I will be able to loose some of the weight I've put on.

OH Yeah, now I'm putting money aside to purchase a pair of Z-Coil Boots.

Thanks to Al Gallegos and everyone at the Z-Coil Store on 4th Street.

Robert Perry"

Sent: Monday, August 18, 2003 10:10 PM
Subject: Testimonial

FROM="Amy Efeney"
Body="I bought my Z-Coils at the Texas State Fair almost a year ago. I teach art and PE at an elementary school, and frankly I bought them as much for the unique and funky look they had as well as the intense comfort. My studets call them everything from my "magic" shoes to my "boing-y" shoes, to my "Tigger" shoes. A first-grader once dared me to jump and touch the ceiling in the gym!
I use them for running, kick-boxing, step class, stair climbing, track, Six Flags, basically anytime my feet are involved. My shin splint pain is gone, my ankles (which have been broken six times) are supported better than high tops, and they are SO comfortable.
I love these shoes!
Thank you so much for participating in the health tent at the fair. I'll see you again in October!

Amy Efeney,
mother of two, art teacher, PE coach, free-lance photographer, athlete"

J-Walk Blog: Put A Little Spring In Your Step (Comments)

J-Walk Blog: Put A Little Spring In Your Step(Comments): "I have had a major bad back since selling newspapers at Ford Ord, CA at the age of 10. I spent two weeks chopping wood before standing on my feet for 12 hours a day at the Puyallup Fair last month. My back was way out of whack.

But, after standing on concrete for two days with the spring in my soul that supported 40%-50% of my body weight, my back felt great! I just had to lay down a couple of times during the day for about 20 minutes and that was it. Zero Pain. I couldn�t even crack my back when I went to bed! My back was like aligned.

I interviewed over 75 Z-CoiL owners that passed by the 10X10 booth and took over 480 digital pictures. The personal stories are being published at the Your2Feet Blog ( They are unedited, two-minute (max) audio (wav, 1meg) interviews that explain why these individuals spent over $200 to put a spring in their step. Check them out! See the September 2004 achieves for all the multimedia coverage during the 17 day fair. "

Seven Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog Now

Seven Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog NowBlog enthusiasts are excellent evangelist candidates. They're early adopters. Often, they're serial buzz spreaders, and they can funnel waves of others just like them toward your blog and your organization, especially if it's a small business.

B2C or B2B? Doesn't matter. Companies that sell primarily to other companies may find that a blog more easily bridges the feedback loop between end customers and channels.

That bridge is often missing or difficult to create using existing tools—like focus groups, or the telephone.

For any organization, a blog is part of a long-term customer evangelism strategy. Since blogs are easy to set up and pay for (some are free), launching a blog should be at the top of your to-do list.


Among dozens of reasons, here are seven:

Z-Coil dealer blog

Carolyn Linzner operates her own shoe store in Sonoma County. Her blog, A Step Above Footwear, features lots of customer testimonials and photos.

by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba
September 28, 2004

Z-Coil-Miami Sells Z-Stock Online

Z-CoiL StockWe offer a limited number of shares [200,000] of

at the ask price of $10.00 per share plus a transfer fee per transaction of $25.00 which includes a reprinted stock certificate issued by Z-Tech™, Inc.

Z-Tech™, Inc. is a private corporation, profitable, and presently the fastest growing company in the State of New Mexico. For investor information, go to Investor Information on the Z-COIL™ website:, the Annual Report at:, and the latest news [Sept. 3rd] at:

Friday, October 08, 2004

eBay item 5328558586 (Ends Oct-08-04 12:42:12 PDT) - Z Coil Z-Coil Mens , or Womens any Size Brand New

eBay item 5328558586 (Ends Oct-08-04 12:42:12 PDT) - Z Coil Z-Coil Mens , or Womens any Size Brand New: "You are bidding on a Gift Certificate for any Z Coil shoe mens or womens any size. This Certificate is good for any shoe in stock at the Albuquerque location. Their local phone number is 505-344-5262. You can call ahead if you want to make sure they have exactly what you want. At the end of this auction I will get the size and type of shoe you wanted pick it up and ups it to for an additional $8. Any questions Please email... Happy Bidding!!! "

Bidding has ended for this item. (bike22 is the winner)
Winning bid: US $181.01 (Reserve met)
Ended: Oct-08-04 12:42:12 PDT

Seller information
djmargo ( 28) - Z-Coil Radio Spots - Radio Spots

1 Minute Radio Spots

"I Want Your Feet"- - - - - - - - - (mp3) Dialup Broadband
"Have You Read My Book?" - (mp3) Dialup Broadband
"I Want Your Feet"- - - - - - - - - (wav) Broadband
"Have You Read My Book?" - (wav) Broadband

Located in the rear of the Boise Sports Chiropractic Clinic:
3314 N. Cole Rd. · Boise, Idaho 83704 · (208) 377-9930

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Testimonials: Art & Arches Morganton NC


After my 12 hour shifts I'm with out pain and still smiling!
debbie, Cannon Memorial Hospital
Banner Elk NC

(Click Title to see more)

Read the News Herald Article 2003 when Art & Arches opened for business here.

Statue Old Town: Photos from First Dealer Conference Sept. 04

Statue Old Town

Albuquerque Tribune: With a new battle plan, Z-coil is ready to strike

Albuquerque Tribune Online

Looking more like a broken shoe than a prototype, the original blue-and-white Z-Tech shoe still sits in the showroom.

That first shoe, with a giant spring in the heel and a flap of foam rubber hinged to the bottom, was built in 1994 by Al Gallegos in Espa§ola as a prototype running shoe.

Since then, Z-Coil Shoes - from its name to its marketing plans to its distribution networks to its sales - has changed and grown.

Andres Gallegos, Z-Coil executive vice president, said sales of the company's shoes have increased 270 percent in the last year and he's expecting sales to grow another 250 percent in 2003.

Gallegos credits two things for the increase.

The first is the company's marketing plan.

"Nike's age target is like 14. Ours is more like 55," he said.

Instead of trying to offer the shoes as competitors for Nike, the company is marketing them to people with foot, leg and back pain. The new slogan is "Pain relief footwear."

The Z-Coil shoes have a built-in orthotic, or firm plastic brace, that is similar to that of an orthopedic shoe.

"We were talking to our customers who said they bought our shoes. Most said they bought them for pain reduction and pain relief," said Jean-Paul de Jager, director of promotions.

By Dan Mayfield
Tribune Reporter

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Jimmy - Seinfeld Blog - Seinfeld DVD For Sale Now Discussion

Jimmy - Seinfeld Blog - Seinfeld DVD For Sale Now DiscussionJimmy can dunk. Jimmy's new in town. Jimmy always refers to himself in the third person. Jimmy runs a business selling plyometric shoes. George ends up going in on a case of the shoes with Jimmy, hoping to profit based on Jimmy's proven sales method: he jumps. Kramer gets on board with the exercise shoes, but ends up taking the bread out of Jimmy's mouth when his Novocain-induced drool causes Jimmy to slip while displaying some new moves in the health club locker room. Jimmy may have had a compound fracture. Jimmy wants to get Kramer, and Jimmy holds grudges. Jimmy goes into shock, and is taken off by the paramedics.

Elaine stretches in front of Jimmy to get his attention, but thinks he is talking about someone else when he remarks 'Jimmy is pretty sweet on you.' Elaine invites him to see Mel Tormay at the AMCA (Ably Mentally Challenged Adults) benefit, tries to cancel after the misunderstanding. Jimmy and misunderstandings kinda clash. Elaine becomes enamored with Jimmy when he expresses his happiness over the formation of a new gay couple in the health club - Jimmy's not threatened by their sexuality. Kramer is sitting at the head table of the AMCA benefit, because his Novocain-talking and large white shoes convince the organizer of the event that Kramer is mentally challenged. While there, he runs into Jimmy, now on crutches. Jimmy flies off the handle and punches Kramer in the face, causing his lip to swell and his speech to distort enough that no one notices he's (probably) not mentally challenged.

More Pictures of Jimmy

Monday, October 04, 2004

Z Shoe Store Etc., TV Commercial

Z Shoe Store Etc., Commercial Check out the Z-CoiL TV commercial from Z Shoe Store Etc, Scottsdale, Arizona. (Click Title)

Sunday, October 03, 2004

E-Mail Sent To National TV Shows

As a consumer evangelist, I recorded over 75 audio interviews (see example below) and snapped over 480 digital pictures regarding the “shoe with a spring in the heel” at the 17-day Puyallup, WA fair in September 2004.

Audio Interview: My name is Annie H. and I had major back surgery in November of last year. I have rods in my back and have been experiencing a great deal of pain on medicine and can’t find correct footwear. Within 10 minutes after wearing your shoes, I’m not in any more pain.

A handful of compelling, unedited, inspiring, straight from the heart audio/photo interviews on how “a simple spring in their step” has changed the quality of their lives were published on the Your2Feet blog.