Thursday, August 06, 2009

Z-Coil - Nursing for Nurses Forum

Z-Coil shoes - 29th May, 2008 - Nursing for Nurses: "I have to admit have been the best nursing shoe I have ever worn. I suffered from heel pain 3 years into my nursing career and tried every shoe out there. I finally found Z-Coils and can honestly say made working 12 hour shifts feel like 8 hours."

Z-COIL SHOES : We Fix Traffic Tickets Blog

Z-COIL SHOES : We Fix Traffic Tickets Blog: "Most of you know I’ve been a fan of Z-Coil shoes for about 10 years. We went camping and did some hiking over the fourth of July in Joshua Tree National Park. I say some hiking because my Z-Coil High Desert Hikers literally fell apart during a short hike on the third. The glue holding the soles to the body gave way and that was the end of any more hiking. When packing for our trip

High Desert Hiker
I selected a pair of gray Z-coil hikers that had been barely broken-in over an older pair of brown hikers that are well worn. Who would have thought that a $250.00 pair of shoes would fall apart?"

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Podcast: Dr. Pat Show - Lilli Bennett's Life Changed with Z-CoiL

Z-Coil Seattle - When Lilli Bennett, 80, was a very active 73 yr old “snow bird” (South in the winters), walking daily and playing a sports court game called pickleball, she started having severe hip pain making it impossible to continue her activities.

She purchased her first pair of Z-Coils, WOW, within days she was able to continue being active. Not only has Z-Coils relieved her pain and discomfort, but since she had been a child, she has had hammer toes that created alot of discomfort. Lilli says, "I can honestly state that Z-Coils has corrected that issue as well. I now own 8 pair of Z-Coils I wear them daily to be able to function. Z-Coils, Pain relief footwear, has changed my life. I may be 80, but I spring along as if I were “16”!!!

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