Friday, September 14, 2007

Aubry's Therapeutic Footwear: Video

Aubry's Therapeutic Footwear, the First Authorized Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear™ Dealer in Los Angeles County, has a number of great video testimonials that we will be featuring over the couple of months on the Z-Blog.

Gary, Lakewood, CA
Back Pain Relief
No longer goes to chiropractor
3 to 4 times a month

If you know of any other Z-Coil Dealers that are publishing video testimonials online, please let us know. We want to feature as many personal stories as possible of this amazing footwear.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ruby Red Celebrates Z-CoiL Shoes

Ruby Red picked up a pair of custom Z-boots before going on their seventeen country tour promoting awareness of species lost around the world. - Vancouver U.S.A. Z-CoiL pain Relief Footwear

Ruby Red, a North West 6-pack from Portland, Oregon akin to Sheryl Crow, The Wreckers and John Mellancamp brings their brand of rockin’ pop to the music table with a side of country for a full meal deal. A latecomer to the party, true natural and front woman “Rockin’” Robin Brantley leads the band with less experience than any of the other five.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cross-country walk is to raise diabetes awareness |

"On Fayette County Road 59, just off Alabama Highway 159 near the Pickens County line, three walkers came around the bend in the road, moving at a steady pace. By the time they reached their resting point — their mobile home a couple miles up the road — they had walked 2,118 miles since Jan. 27. It was the halfway mark for Monday —eight more miles to go before calling it a day. Byron and Wyatt Moats are brothers. They are 65 and 68, respectively. And both have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. About two years ago they decided, along with their wives, to walk across the county. In January, they began the journey.

While they often get questions as to why they are doing it, the most inquiries are about their walking shoes. Each is outfitted with tennis shoes that latterly have a spring built into the heel of the shoe. They are called Z-Coil shoes and the company donated two pairs to each walker for the trip.

Once they reach Savannah, they plan to drive back across the country. Margie and Wyatt will return to their home in Providence, Texas, and Julia and Byron to their home in Napa, Calif." (Read More)