Saturday, October 24, 2009

Z-CoiL Footwear Commercial Contest

The Best Idea on Two Feet
Z-CoiL footwear commercial contest

3 Winners, over $5,500 in cash & prizes
AND the ability to have your commercial aired across the country!

Create a unique and original commercial
for Z-CoiL Footwear and you could WIN BIG!

Make us laugh. Make us cry.
Make us stand up and cheer!
Make it something you’d want to see on TV.

Maybe it’s about your pain management, or how you can walk again because of Z-CoiL shoes; maybe it’s about your individuality, or a way to stand out; maybe it’s your way of staying on your feet longer and working harder than your co-workers; or maybe it’s your zany obsession with all things coiled.

Whatever it is; you write it. You cast it.
You direct and shoot it. You have total creative control!

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Elaine Burnet Refused Surgery and Got Pain Relief with A Spring In Her Step

Elaine has worked for Home and Auto Insurance for the past eight years as an adjuster. She helps folks rebuild after catastrophic losses. Her department has especially involved in the ongoing California fires.

Nine years ago she had a torn right meniscus. She refused surgery, "I knew it would heal. But I gained sixty pounds in the process." She had to be inactive during the healing process. That is until she started wearing her first pair of Z-CoiL pain Relief Footwear five years ago. (Read More)