Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Walking Sea To Sea In Z-Coils

Julia Moats, From Sea To Sea, responded to an e-mail request for an interview. Last month, the Moats family begain their 2,700-mile trek from Ocean Beach, CA to Savannah, Ga. to raise awareness of the importance of exercise for diabetics. See articles below.

We stopped in El Centro at a long time friends home. He helped do some much needed errands before we headed out to the desert. We have a laptop computer with a wireless phone card attached, we all have cell phones and I have a digital camera. I am trying to learn how to get the pictures on our website. So we have both a daily log but pictures as well.

My Son, Trenton Moats called me after his wife Lisa purchased a pair of z-coils. She is an Emergency Room RN in Salinas, CA.

She has had both foot pain and back pain for a long time. She was told by another RN about Z-coils. She says that she no longer has that pain at the end of a busy shift since she got her z-coils.

My Son said, I really needed to get a pair for myself. I have arthritis pain in my feet for several years. I bought my Z-coils from the Z-Coil dealer in Fairfield, CA. He spent over an hour fitting the shoes to my feet but when I left the store I was not in pain especially no new shoe pain.

It has not taken away all the pain but it has significantly reduced the pain.

The dealer recommended that we contact Z-Coil to see if they would sponser us on the captioned walk. They were really responsive to us and mailed us two pairs for each walker along with spare insoles, springs, rubber heels and glue.

The walkers have now walked about 130 miles mostly uphill. My husband is the only one who has gotten a blister and that happened just before we got to El Centro. The reason for the blister was his sock got bunched up under his foot.

We all have been telling people we meet how great the Z-Coils are on the feet, knees and backs.

Byron Moats, Wyatt Moats and Margie Moats are ready for you to do an interview. I am Julia Moats that just tags along with the walkers. We are currently on Old Highway 111. Let us know how we can help. Julia Moats

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Z-Coil New York Video Report

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Exercise benefits diabetics

FROM LEFT: Byron, Margie and Wyatt Moats pass Plaster City in their Z-coils on their San Diego to Savannah cross-country walk for diabetes.

By GREG HOLT, Staff Writer

Wednesday, February 7, 2007 11:08 AM PST

Brothers Byron and Wyatt Moats are both diabetic, but that didn’t stop them from walking from San Diego to El Centro during the past 11 days.

What’s more, they plan to continue walking until they reach the Atlantic Ocean in Savannah, Ga., to raise awareness of the importance of exercise for diabetics.

Byron and Wyatt are both married (to Julia and Margie Moats, respectively, who joined them on their trip) and retired, and both have said they’ve found it much easier to deal with diabetes when they stick to a daily exercise regimen.

“It’s amazing how quickly your blood sugar level drops when you exercise,” said Wyatt Moats, a resident of Providence Village, Texas. “Once, I ate a big meal and my blood sugar was at 181, but after I went for a walk it dropped to 118.” (Read More)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Karlin's Notebook: Pain Sufferers Swear By Springy Shoes

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Some say a pair of shoes will help people bounce back from leg and foot pain.
Things started hopping at the Z-Coil store in Urbandale about a year ago and business has been bouncing right along ever since.

Donna Moore, of Des Moines, suffers from severe back pain and wears the coil-soled shoes.

"They feel terrific. (They are) better than the ones I had on when I came in," she said.
The secret is in the springs.

"They take pressure off the hips, knees and the lower back," said the store's manager Linda Stougard.
She said the coils spread a person's weight evenly over his foot.

"They tip your pelvis forward and allow you to stand up straighter," Stougard said.

"I walked in here when I bought these and I was limping and I'm not kidding you a bit," said Marv Schafer, of Grimes, who has been wearing his shoes for a month.

"They are the best thing I've ever bought. I'm not kidding," Schafer said. (Read More, Watch Video)

Trio taking long walk for diabetes patients

At 8 a.m. Saturday, a 64-year-old Napa man and his 67-year-old brother and sister-in-law from Texas will pull on their comfortable Z-Coil shoes and start walking from Ocean Beach across the United States. Byron Moats' wife will tag along in an RV stocked with food, supplies, beds and a toilet.

Their 2,700-mile trek to Savannah, Ga., started as an adventure. But the two couples quickly decided, because three of the four (Moats' sister-in-law excepted) have diabetes, to raise money along the way for the American Diabetes Association. Hence, their Web site quickly became c2c4ada.com.

After training for the past 10 months, the threesome hope to walk about 22 miles a day and complete their odyssey in five months.

Moats, a retired preacher, says he stepped down from the ministry three years ago after an accident caused some minor brain damage.

“And that's probably why I'm doing this walk,” he quipped.

Byron and Julia Moats.