Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hiking In The Olympic Mountain Range

Yesterday, under spring like conditions, I went for a 12 mile hike in the Olympic Mountain Ranage outside the little town of Quilcene, WA. The gray Desert Hikers performed just great in snow, mud and off trail hill sides.

My legs were a little stiff at the end of the treck, but my "bad" back didn't feel it at all.


I have been wearing Z-CoiL’s ever since the Puyallup Fair, September 2004. I worked the 17-day event for Your2Feet, the Seattle Z-CoiL independent dealer, as a favor and to record and publish customer stories. Up until that time, I had simply set-up blogs for dealers in exchange for footwear. I picked up a pair of Z-CoiLs in August 2004 on my way through Seattle to Priest Lake, Idaho for a two-week vacation. I didn’t wear the black Cloudwalkers until the Puyallup Fair because my intent for the spring soled shoes was to wear them only while attending high tech trade shows. For the past 15 years, I have been a digital media technology journalist following industry trends and products.

I have a bad back due to working as a newspaper boy while in grammar school selling papers at Fort Ord, CA to Viet Nam bound troops for a three cent per paper commission. I remember making about $4 per four hour shift, seven days a week.

I first discovered Z-CoiLs at the 2003 Health and Harmony Festival in Sonoma County while covering the event for the New Digital Reporter, an online high tech publication. Here is the blog I set-up for the Santa Rosa dealer with a couple of customer audio/photo interviews. Listen to the audio interview (2 minutes, wav) I did with Carolyn Linzner, the owner of A Step Above Footwear in Santa Rosa, CA.

For background and personal information, check out my LiveJournal. I’ve been posting to it since 1999.

updated: April 08, 2005


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