Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh, My Aching Feet! - Northwest Woman's Magazine

by Karen Buck, RN

Spike heels were the first to go. Then, even the low sensible heels that old-time schoolteachers wore became too painful. The last attempt was an athletic shoe—plenty long, and as wide as a barge. Maybe this sounds familiar, but your feet continue to hurt. Why? What can be causing all this pain?

Our feet take a real beating. Each day they bear several thousand pounds of pressure as we walk, run, dance, jump, or exercise. This, combined with the wrong shoes or heredity, can produce problems and pain. Here are some of the most common foot problems and some suggestions for help.

Corns A corn is really just an ordinary callus on steroids. Corns form from unrelieved pressure over a bony spot, like at one of the toes’ knuckles. They will gradually go away if the pressure is relieved. Never try to cut them out! Not only is it dangerous, it could lead to a life-threatening infection.

In some cases there is a tiny extra bump of bone on a toe joint. Unless this bump of bone is removed, or you decide to go barefoot for the rest of your life, the corn will never completely go away. (more)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

80% of Americans Suffer From Chronic Back Pain but Few Take Easy Steps To Prevent It

Every hour of every day, some 80% of Americans are not only enduring back pain, but contributing to it in the way they sit, walk, exercise, work, and sleep. Unfortunately, despite the fact that back pain affects the lives and livelihoods of so many people, it has remained curiously below the radar in terms of consumer awareness and media coverage. The result: the very same people who are afflicted by chronic back pain virtually around the clock and around the country are unaware of the latest strategies, medical advice and retail products designed to minimize their discomfort or perhaps even prevent it in the first place.

“The public has been well educated on topics such as heart attacks, but not on preventing back injuries,” says Dr. Mark McLaughlin, Neurosurgeon at Princeton Brain and Spine Care. “Back pain is a constant battle. Our spine cycles flex or bend millions of times a year. A car would not be able to tolerate this kind of wear and tear!”

Monday, June 27, 2005

Testimonial: Hair Dresser - Today is National Beauticians Day

Audio InterviewI've been a hair dresser for 27 years and... (Puyallup Fair, September 2004,

Z-CoiL Earrings!

San Jose Z-CoiL independent dealer, EZ-Shoes, is selling sterling silver springy earrings ($15) in the shape of the Z-CoiL logo.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Your2Feet At The Fremont Fair - Video Clip Z-Dancing Feet

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Originally uploaded by digitalreporter.
Last weekend, Seattle Z-CoiL dealer Your2Feet marched in the 17th annual Fremont Parade and had a booth at the 34th Fremont Fair.

Check out the short video clip of a street performer beating on his drum while a pair of Z-CoiLs keep time to the beat.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Fairbanks Woman Makes 350-Mile Journey to Find Pain Relief after Years of Suffering

Z-CoiL® Footwear Quickly Becoming First Choice for Pain Relief

( Anchorage, AK ) – Millions of Americans suffer chronic pain, which can be debilitating and life-altering. According to an April 2005 poll by ABC News, USA Today and the Stanford University Medical Center, a little less half of the adult respondents have experienced pain in the last two weeks, and nearly four in 10 do so on a regular basis. A majority reported knee and back pain to be the most common.

For Fairbanks, Alaska, resident Leona Allridge, chronic pain was part of her daily routine, as she suffered from pain in her feet, back, and legs for many years. Pain was a powerful motivator for Leona, as she tried many remedies during the years, with no success. On a friend’s advice, Leona found an amazing pair of shoes that has made a complete change in her life.

Leona made the 350-mile journey to Anchorage to find Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear™, at The Shoe Box, owned and operated by Mary DeZarn.

“I fell in love with the Z-CoiL® shoes as soon as I put them on,” she says. “Instead of experiencing pain within 30 minutes of being on my feet, I was able to walk for hours without any discomfort.”

Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear™, unlike any other footwear on the market, is specifically engineered to help alleviate foot, leg, and back pain. According to hundreds of already satisfied customers, Z-CoiL® shoes have helped reduce the pain from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, chronic lower back pain, just to name a few conditions.

The unique footwear has three special components that combine to provide impact reduction, cushioning, and overall comfort. Z-CoiL® footwear features a conical shaped coil that compresses to reduce the shockwaves traveling through the body with each step. Built in each shoe is a rigid full-length orthotic that runs from the heel to the metatarsal heads, providing overall midfoot support. Superior forefront cushioning also lessens the impact of each step and helps provide comfort.

“These shoes are so comfortable that I absolutely hate to take them off. They are more comfortable than any other shoe, and even more comfortable than going barefoot!,” Leona says. “From now on, only Z-CoiL® shoes for me.”

Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear™ is available in Alaska only at The Shoe Box 4240 Old Seward Highway, A-15, in Anchorage. To contact Mary, call 907.336.7463.

Image created by Mary DeZarn and send to Z-CoiL dealers. EZ-Shoes Blog

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Testimonial: Amber-Christine Diane R.

I'm 22 and was born with a bone disease called Leg Perthes disease. I suffer with severe hip pain. When I was five years old, the head of my femur had deteriorated and I was put into leg casts for three months and forced to learn how to walk all over again.

Over time, the disease caused me to develop rheumatoid arthritis throughout my hips. I also developed early osteoporosis which put me in a wheelchair.

My mother came home from work one day and told me that a co-worker/friend had insisted that she take me down to get a pair of Z-CoiL® shoes. My mother's friend told her that seven people on her shift also had Z-CoiL® shoes and they all swear by them. Every one of these employees has severe leg and pack pain.

At first I was very hesitant due to the expense of the shoe. However, I went down to the nearest Z-CoiL® retailer and checked them out. When I put them on for the first time, I noticed a BIG difference right away.

I am now able to walk in comfort and no longer have to use my wheelchair or take pain medication. I can spend the time needed with my three children.

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH to whoever came up with the idea of the Z-CoiL® shoe. I am able to have a normal family life again!

Yours Truly,

Amber-Christine Diane R.
Fort Mohave, AZ

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


We had a customer come into the store who had bought Z-CoiL's a month ago. He was having a problem with the arch on one pair and wanted to return them. We have a 7 day return policy and this was clearly outside of the 7 days! We told him that we could adjust the footwear in the arch and have him back on the road in 10 minutes. He insisted that if the shoe had to be "adjusted" then it was defective!

Just remember, Z-CoiL's can be adjusted for many types of issues... This does not mean that they are defective, but that your foot does not match our shoe out of the box! If you work with us, we are willing to work with you!

We got our customer settled and he is now a happy camper!

Till later,
Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA

Friday, June 17, 2005

Testimonial - Donna Beck

Donna is a tour guide in Florida and suffered from heel pain and lower pack issues. She came into our store when she was in town visiting relatives in December of 2003. When you are a tour guide, your livelihood depends on the ability to walk for miles during the day, and Donna was having a problem doing that.

"Standing on cement floors for 8 hours caused very bad lower back pain, getting so bad that I could not bend over by the end of the day," says Donna. "Z-CoiL's, within two days, completely alleviated the pain in the lower back and I felt rested throughout the day with no problem when having to bend.

"As a tour guide walking 2 miles, 3 nights a week, I never feel fatigued, I have no back pain and they keep my sore heel very comfortable! For anybody that has to stand a lot, these shoes are an investment to your health, comfort and well-being."

Donna got off the airplane and headed straight for our store to see what new styles we had in the store! She spreads the word about Z-CoiL's to her other co-workers, and her manager now has 3 pair! Donna still prefers to visit us when she comes in town because of our good looks! (just kidding... we know her fit and she enjoys the atmosphere that our store provides!)

Till later,
Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Z-Coil® Pain Relief Footwear™ Owners March In 17th Annual Fremont Summer Solstice Parade

Your2Feet Exhibits At the Fremont Fair For The Second Year

Seattle, WA - Dr. Lotchie Kerch, a Seattle podiatric physician and foot surgeon, her Your2Feet retail store staff and Z-Coil® Pain Relief Footwear™ customers are starting the summer season celebrating pain relief with other like minded people at this year's 34th Fremont Fair June 18 and 19 and marching in the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade beginning at high noon Saturday June 18.

“The theme for the Solstice Parade this year is Light and Dark.” States an enthusiastic Dr. Kerch. “We are incorporating this theme into our Spring into Wellness participation of Z-Coil® wearers. Come see the Z-Coil® wearing Avenger Superhero take on the forces of pain ( darkness ) in the classic battle of good against evil. We will have a booth on Phinney Ave ( same place as last year ). If you are a Z-Coil® owner, bring your favorite pair of Zs and a smile to share on the 1 and a half-mile march to Gasworks Park. Meet us before noon at the booth or at the parade itself that starts on 36th Ave. We want to spark audience participation with a trampoline to bounce on during the march. Z-Coil® provides more shock absorption ( than regular shoes ) with every step, up to 50%.

Fremont Parade

The Fremont Arts Council presents the 17th year of the largest walking PUBLIC art event in Seattle. Every year, the Seattle community gathers to create a Solstice celebration dedicated to building community through art. The canvas stretches from professional artists, and performers to community groups, schools and individuals creating beautiful, funny, satirical and often unexpected objects and performances.

Fremont Fair

Just about everyone in Fremont has helped or participated in the Fremont Fair in one way or another - it is truly a grass-roots community celebration and a product of all we know and love about the spirit of Fremont.

The Fremont Public Association ( FPA ) took over stewardship of the fair a few years after it's inception. FPA is also the beneficiary of revenue generated by the fair. During the first few years of FPA producing the fair, people were asked to bring canned food to help restart the Fremont Food Bank, which was relocating from the basement of the Fremont Baptist Church, or aluminum cans, to help launch the FPA's curb-side recycling efforts.

Many years later, FPA has grown to one of the largest human service agencies in the city, with almost 30 programs serving low-income individuals and families throughout Seattle, King County and beyond.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Testimonial: Joan Hipps and Dale Lovell

New Styles Coming

These shoes are unbelievable. I have cerebral palsy and my feet were hurting most of the time. I was told about [the footwear]. I recommend them for workers, vacationers, and runners. I also give a lot of credit to Jackie Belin who runs the Gatlinburg, Tennessee store. She spent time with me and that means a lot [to me].

Joan Hipps
Knoxville, TN


I am writing to say thank you for creating what I call a "life saver."

I have been plagued with a chronic foot problem for three years. I have had surgery on my foot for bone spurs. However, I only found relief after purchasing a pair of [Z-CoiL® shoes] while on a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Prior to the midnight light from above shining on the pair of shoes in the storefront window of Jigglin' George's, I was considering having to find a different career and [undergo] a major lifestyle change.

I feel like a new man now and I have to give Jigglin' George's [store] and Z-CoiL® footwear the praise and gratitude. I have been in the beauty industry for 25 years (June 26 is Beautician's Day) and, God as my witness, if I had the money I would do my best to open a Z-CoiL® store just to help someone else like I have been helped.

I feel like I have been given a new lease on life. I spread the news everywhere I go. With that being said, THANK YOU once again.


Dale Lovell
Selma, Indiana

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Testimonial - Karen Lee

Karen is a stay-at-home mom who purchased her first pair of Z-CoiL's in November of 2003.

"I was in significant pain everyday after being on my feet for a very long time," says Karen. "The very day I got my shoes, my feet felt 50% better! Within a few weeks, I was feeling 80-90% better. It's now been a year and a half. I just bought my third pair and as long as I wear them at home and for exercising, my feet feel fine!"

Karen had to pick up a pair of sandals, since she will be moving out of town soon and wanted to get fit before she left town!

Till later,
Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA

Monday, June 13, 2005

Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms and Treatment by the Foot Doctors of

"When your first few steps out of bed in the morning cause severe pain in the heel of your foot, you may have plantar fasciitis (fashee-EYE-tiss). It's an overuse injury affecting the sole or flexor surface (plantar) of the foot. A diagnosis of plantar fasciitis means you have inflamed the tough, fibrous band of tissue (fascia) connecting your heel bone to the base of your toes.

You're more likely to get the condition if you're a woman, if you're overweight, or if you have a job that requires a lot of walking or standing on hard surfaces. You're also at risk if you walk or run for exercise, especially if you have tight calf muscles that limit how far you can flex your ankles. People with very flat feet or very high arches are also more prone to plantar fasciitis.

The condition starts gradually with mild pain at the heel bone often referred to as a stone bruise. You're more likely to feel it after (not during) exercise. The pain classically occurs again after arising from a midday lunch break. (more)"

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dr. Larry Stemp Picks Up 3rd Pair Of Zs

Dr. Larry Stemp of Stemp Family Chiropractic drove to Seattle today from Tacoma, Wa. in a rain deluge to pick up his third pair of Z-coils.

Seattle, WA

Friday, June 10, 2005

Testimonial: Francies Strange

I now own three pairs of [Z-CoiL® shoes] and I am very happy to have found them. Jeanne and Norman Scribner (WalkThisWay) are very helpful to me. Their belief in your product is wonderful. They listened as I explained the problems I'd had with other shoes.

I have told people about [Z-CoiL® shoes] since I got my first pair one year ago this month.

[Z-CoiL® shoes] have made my life more enjoyable and comfortable. I can't say enough good things about them. I get such good remarks from the people who have known me through the years and know of the pain I have had for seven years.

Years ago I fell on a waxed floor and landed on my backside. The pain was extreme and I eventually had to stop my work at Goodyear as a contract laborer. My spine and pelvic bone were damaged. I would bump into my grandchildren as they held my hand to help me walk. Since getting my [Z-CoiL® shoes], I have not stumbled or turned my ankles like I had been doing.

Thank you for such a good product and sweet, understanding distributors of your products.

I felt like Cinderella from the time I put on my first pair. The shoe fit! I could walk with my back straight for the first time in years.

Thank you from a proud owner of three pairs. I thank you, my feet thank you and I'm telling everyone that I feel like Cinderella!

Francies Strange
Lawton, Oklahoma

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Testimonial: Susan Rogers

I suffer with a disability known as "dropped foot" (also called "foot drop"). This is a result of a ruptured disc in my lower back, which has since been removed, but has left me with some lasting nerve and muscle damage, the worst of it being "dropped foot" on my left side.

I cannot lift my left foot at all and must concentrate on every single step I take. I walk with a limp and cannot run, jump, skip, or dance. Sometimes I stagger because I cannot support myself with my left foot. And because I also can't lower my body weight on the left foot, my whole left side takes an extra jolt every time I put that foot down when I'm walking.

It is jarring and painful and adversely affects everything from heel to ankle, knee, hip, and lower back. Chronic pain becomes a constant companion, and walking becomes an activity I want to do as little as possible, to avoid the pain. When I do walk, I must focus on each step to try to lessen the pain. I cannot walk along absent-mindedly, like most people do, or I will come down harder on the left side. Even with concentration, I could not avoid the limp and some pain, and after 10 years of this, I had developed a chronic pain in my left hip that kept me awake at night.

I would buy good running shoes, the ones with the most cushioning in the heel that I could find, and wear them until the cushion in the left shoe was mashed down from the pounding it had taken. The shoes would last two months at the most. I also own every gel and cushion insole out there.

Several weeks ago, my husband saw a colleague wearing [Z-CoiL® footwear] and asked her about them. She explained that she was wearing them because of knee and back pain and she said they helped her. He wondered if they would help me.

I contacted a dealer 29 miles away and he called headquarters in Albuquerque to inquire about any other people with drop foot who had been helped. I was encouraged when I learned that one gentleman with drop foot had great results. This encouragement was enough to get me beyond the negative Good Housekeeping review I had seen that was not very scientific or helpful. (more)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Imagine the Possibilities!

Just imagine... If someone like Oprah was to feature Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear on her show, it would reach millions of people! It would further our cause to provide pain relief to those millions of Americans that currently suffer daily from sort of foot, leg, knee or back issue.

Oprah's web site has an area where you can submit story ideas, so I submitted one on how these shoes have changed people's lives. If you feel so inclined, you can submit your own personal story on how Z-CoiL's have affected your life!

Click here to fill out the form

The more stories she receives, she might be inclined to give Z-CoiL's some attention! You might even get a chance to be on her show! So, if you could take the time to submit your story, that would be great!

Till later,
Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA

NOTE: Since November 2004, the Z-Blog Reporter has been sending Oprah as well as several other high profile TV personalities Z-CoiL press releases and customer stories. It is great to see an independent dealer join the campaign.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Shoes can make puppies hush

Many customers swear by orthopedic footwear that offers comfort for those suffering with chronic pain

By Mekeisha Madden Toby / The Detroit News

"Vickie Levey has the same affection and adoration for her orthopedic comforters, Z-Coils. Levey co-owns Aura Spa Salon Wellness in Farmington Hills with her husband, Neal. Both love and wear Z-Coils.

Vickie Levey, who owns eight pairs, says the shoes give her relief after having had hip replacement and back surgery.

'My knees and ankles aren't too good either,' Vickie Levey says. Both she and Neal, a stylist at the salon, are constantly on their feet. Neal Levey also suffers from chronic back pain. He owns three pairs of Z-Coils, which are about $200 a pop.

'One day, I wore riding boots instead of my Z-Coils and after just 30 minutes, I was in pain,' Vickie Levey recalls. 'When I got home that day, I stripped down to my underwear and put on my Z-Coils. Nothing could make me feel better.'

Podiatrist Arnold Gross, who has a practice in West Bloomfield Township, says shoes such as MBTs and Z-Coils can be helpful.
'There are some patients with really stubborn foot problems that don't get better by conventional means,' says Gross, who owns a pair of MBT hiking boots. 'Most of these shoes help because they can improve your gait and relieve pain simply because they lessen the amount of pressure a person with foot problems feels in trouble areas.'

But Gross is reluctant to endorse MBTs and the like for everyone.
'Different things work for different people,' he says. 'Springs and other gadgets can work, but it depends on the person. For instance, some people get relief from Rockport. But Rockport shoes killed my feet.

'Very few of these shoes have been medically proven to work, but I do have a lot of patients who swear by these types of shoes and they're so incredibly happy.'

The only thing MBT and Z-Coil could do to make Laurie Kennedy and Levey happier would be if the comfort-shoe companies made formal footwear.

'I wear my MBTs everywhere except church,' Kennedy says. 'On Sundays, I put on my dress shoes and by the end of the service, I am in terrible pain. It's the only time I torture myself.' "


Monday, June 06, 2005

VISTA MAGAZINE: Oct. 96: Mixing business, family and success

Mixing business, family and success: "Alvaro Gallegos is up and running before the sun rises in Santa Fe. He is a dynamo who raised eight children single-handedly after his wife died, a former fighter pilot, a businessman who has owned restaurants and department stores, dabbling in real estate along the way. Now at 65, he is an inventor whose unusual Z-Coil Recoil running shoes are found on the feet of New Mexico's governor, marathon runners and people with bad backs and knees.

One look at his bright yellow, electric blue, orange and white shoes will probably make you laugh, or at least chuckle. Heavy-duty metal springs sit where the heel should be, giving the impression one is riding on shock absorbers. In fact, that is exactly the idea. The Recoil shoe is meant to lessen the impact every time a runner's foot slams into the ground with the force of three to three-and-a -half times his or her body weight. That pounding and its effect on the heels, knees and back were what got Gallegos thinking. Always an athletic type, he took up running just as he was about to turn 40. Pleasure soon turned into competitiveness. But after 20 years of nearly daily six-mile runs, his body began to talk back, sometimes in a nasty tone. 'I thought to myself, 'There should be a shoe around somewhere to kill all that impact' I thought, 'Wouldn't it be neat if I had a spring in my shoe that would propel me forward and once I got up to speed I could just keep going and going.'" (more)

Al shows off the NM Mexico MainStreet™ Community Award. February 12, 2003

A recent article in Good Housekeeping (May 2005, page 90) indicated that Z-Coil shoes may be dangerous.

"They cite the experience of one of their readers who reportedly suffered an ankle fracture as the result of the shoes.

They indicate that their own testers felt that the shoes felt "unstable." They strongly recommend that the shoes be fitted by a trained dealer.

I have personally worn these shoes for years without difficulty. I have prescribed hundreds of pairs. I have seen no injuries in my own patients. I would strongly advise each person to assess the shoes and consider the risks and benefits carefully before purchasing the shoes.

Like any medical device or orthotic, they can help some conditions but have possible risks. Remember also that one can break an ankle in any shoes if one is not careful. Consider consulting a physician or podiatrist."

Northern California Neurosurgery Medical Group, Inc.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

your2feet: Marchers Wanted! Join us June 18 in Fremont at noon with your Z-coils!

Your2Feet Booth: The Fremont Fair 2004Posted by Hello

"We are starting the summer season celebrating pain relief with other like minded people at this year's Fremont Fair June 18 and 19. The theme for the Solstice Parade, starting at noon Saturday June 18, is: Light and Dark. We are incorporating this theme into our Spring into Wellness participation of Z-coil wearers. Come see the Z-coil wearing Avenger Superhero take on the forces of pain (darkness) in the classic battle of good against evil.

If you wear Z-coils and want to join in the festivities, the Fremont Arts Council website gives more info. We will have a booth on Phinney Ave (same place as last year). Meet us before noon at the booth or at the parade itself which starts on 36th Ave.

Please bring your favorite pair of Z-coils and a smile to share on the 1 and a half mile march to Gasworks Park.

We want to spark audience participation with a trampoline to bounce on during the march.

The Z-coil gives more shock absorption (than regular shoes) with every step, up to 50%. Let's spread the word of our pain relieving message.

Photos/Videos Fremont Fair 2004

See you there!

Dr. Lotchie Kerch
Seattle WA

“Health Forum” to Feature Z-Coil Footwear

You may have heard the expression “Put some spring into your step.” Now, one can quite literally do that with Z-Coil and diminish pain.

It all began when Alvaro Z. Gallegos set out to cure his own foot pain. He figured out that the source of his pain was from impact; he came up with the idea of a shock absorber, similar to those on a car, to reduce the impact on the heel. He decided to experiment with adding a spring to the heel of his shoe, and it gave much relief to his pain. He then decided to market shoes to those that suffered from similar back, leg and/or foot pain. Many do not even realize that what they wear on their feet might be the cause. Z-Coils are designed to relieve pain from heel spurs, arthritis and lower back pain.

For the past five years, Z-Coil has experienced growth. The firm is also poised for more growth based on the fact that according to the National Podiatric Medical Association, 85% of people will suffer from some sort of back or foot pain during their lives.

Several athletes have found relief from wearing Z-Coil. Yvonne Graham, an Olympic silver medal winner for the middle distance run, suffered from a serious Achilles tendon injury that prevented her from running. After many surgeries, she was still unable to run until she tried Z-Coils.

Video: Channel 8, Austin, TX, news report

Source : Archives

Friday, June 03, 2005

Mark National Men's Health Month by Stepping into Fitness with Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear™

June Reminds Men to Make Getting Healthy a Priority

June has been named National Men’s Health Month, and the week before Father’s Day is National Men’s Health Week. These designations are important for raising awareness of men’s health issues, such as cancer, heart disease, and strokes. Healthy diets and exercise are two keys to overall fitness, but for some men, obesity and accompanying joint pain has hindered their exercise plans.

Michael Weaver, an enthusiastic Z-CoiL®-wearer writes, “I am a diabetic. I heard about your shoes from a friend and a nurse I know. My feet were in constant pain. I thought it was because I had a couple of toes amputated last year. I was only able to walk about a hundred feet without pain.”

Since finding Z-CoiL® footwear, Michael has experienced a dramatic change. “I put them on in the store. Before I left the store, all the pain in my feet had stopped. The rest of the day I walked around, and the next day, and the next, and so on. I have gotten overweight due to sitting around with sore feet. But now I am walking every day. I know I am losing weight now.”

Michael’s story is one of thousands of customer testimonials that have poured into Z-CoiL’s offices. For many people with painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, sciatica, arthritis, and degenerative disc disease, the shoes have been nothing short of a miracle. (more)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Testimonial: Ginny Almond

Ginny first purchased her Z-CoiL's from Dr. Lieberson, a surgeon in Fremont that is a believer in the footwear. She is disabled due to a lower back injury which prevents her from working as an administrative executive.

"I have tried many other orthopedic shoes prior to my neurologist prescribing Z-CoiL's," says Ginny. "I have found them to be life-savers. I could not walk the length of my home without a pain stabbing feeling (lower back radiating down my right leg.)

"The Z-CoiL's seem to absorb the shock which caused the pain when walking. Now, after 2+ years of wearing Z-CoiL's almost always, I can comfortably walk my dog around the block and stand or walk in church for short periods of time.

"Thank you Dr. Lieberson (photo) for telling me about these shoes and to Z-CoiL for improving the quality of my life by reducing the pain!"

Ginny's husband also wears the Z-CoiL's with great success. Ginny was in to purchase yet another pair to add to her collection.

Till later,
Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Testimonial: Tom Lopeman

In January 2005, as a result of double leg amputation related to my prior military service, I visited the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. I went for new artificial legs with more shock absorption and more mobility.

The Walter Reed rehabilitation staff was curious about my own shock absorption system: Z-CoiL® footwear. I purchased them in Prescott, Arizona, at AAA Z-CoiL Pain Relief store nearly two years ago and have worn them daily since then.

Z-CoiL® footwear work for the human body like a suspension system does for an automobile.

The hospital staff agreed, after days of laboratory gait testing, that my Z-CoiL® footwear does significantly reduce shock of impact where the sockets of my new prosthetics attach to my own legs. This greatly reduces pain in the attachment area.

The Walter Reed Hospital physical therapist was quite interested in learning about Z-CoiL® footwear and contacted Kenneth Rucker, authorized Z-CoiL® distributor and owner of AAA Z-CoiL Pain Relief store.

Thanks to the personal fitting process that is part of the Z-CoiL® experience, my shoes fit just right and do what I need them to do. They provide cushioning and stability. I can stay on my legs for 20 hours at a time now as opposed to 8-10 hours pre-Z-CoiL® shoes.

The Walter Reed staff's interest is for all veterans who deal daily with pain issues in the feet, ankles, legs, hips, and back. However, I know that pain relief is more than an issue for just veterans, as anyone will get pain relief using this unique and personally-fitted orthotic footwear.

My entire family wears Z-CoiL® shoes and I highly recommend that anyone seeking pain relief in the feet, legs, or back give them a try.

They have made a big difference for me; just imagine what they could do for you!

Tom Lopeman
Walker, AZ

AAA Z-CoiL Pain Relief, Prescott, Arizona

United States Bone and Joint Decade | 2002-2011

Rosemont, IL -- March 27, 2002 -- President Bush has issued a proclamation designating the years 2002-2011 as National Bone and Joint Decade.

"'I call upon the people of the United States to observe the decade with appropriate programs and activities; and I call upon the medical community to pursue research in this important area,' the President states in the proclamation. 'National Bone and Joint Decade, 2002-2011, envisions a series of international initiatives among physicians, health professionals, patients and communities, working together to raise awareness about musculoskeletal disorders and promoting research and development into therapies, preventative measures and cures for these disorders. Advances in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research of musculoskeletal conditions will greatly enhance the quality of life of our aging population.'

The President recognized the efforts of federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, as well as industry and private professional and voluntary agencies engaged in research in this area. "

Participating Groups - Healthcare Organizations