Tuesday, July 05, 2005

UCSF | Student Academic Affairs | Looking to Put a Spring in Your Step?

UCSF Student Academic Affairs Synapse:

By Kevin Huoh
a third-year medical student

Ever since the Z-Connection store opened last year, I have been curious. Sure the shoes look a little bit ridiculous, but for someone like me who has always had problems with a foot flatter than a two by four, I was dying to try on a pair of Z-Coil shoes.

I never had the courage enter the store though. Why? Well for one, the shoes look like something out of a bad science fiction movie — something only Marty McFly would wear in the alternate disturbing future. Every time I brought up the idea of trying on those shoes with my friends, they just laughed.
Two weeks ago, while at the weekly Synapse staff meeting, I found out that Z-Connection was interested in having someone try on a Z-Coil shoe and write an article about it.

This was my perfect chance to try on the shoe without ridicule, under the guise of a semi-professional journalistic endeavor. Answering the call of destiny, I quickly volunteered for the assignment despite board exams looming on the horizon.

For those who have not had the privilege to see the Z-Coil shoes, let me begin with a description. The shoe looks relatively normal except for the coil attached to the heel. This coil is a patented steel spring designed to compress a full inch, thereby reducing impact on the rest of the body.

There is a built in orthotic device that provides rigid support for the foot. Though it sounds uncomfortable, the rigid orthotic is actually well padded and designed to deliver good support through the mid-foot. (more)

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