Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Adidas 1 - Review

The Adidas 1 is the newest impact reduction footwear on the market retailing at $250. So, we decided to test them out to see how they performed against the Z-CoiL footwear. Adidas describes them as follows:

- Using a magnetic sensor beneath the heel, the adidas_1 monitors changes in impact, pace and ground condition 1,000 times per second.
- A tiny microprocessor, beneath the arch, is the brain of the shoe; capable of 5 million decisions every second; It reads the data from the sensor and uses it to figure out the level of cushioning you need.
- Then the microprocessor sends instructions to a small but powerful motor that adjusts the cushioning level to give you the optimal level of performance

Sounds great, right? Well, my 16 year old cross country track runner decided to put them to the test. Here's a brief synopsis of the shoe from Matt:

"I am a 16 year old cross country runner for Los Gatos High School who has experienced severe pain in my knees due to growing pains. The terrain that I ran was a combination of asphalt roads, running trails and mountain dirt trails. It varied from very flat to very steep with most of it being on hilly terrain. It has 5 different softness settings, so I set it on the softest to help with my knee issues. (More)

Caesar Snee
San Jose, CA

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NavyKnight said...

People may want to try an understand what goes on in the minds of "early adopters" who are "crazy" enough to pay $400 Canadian (incl. tax) for a pair of running shoes. Well let me tell you in point form.
1. No matter what the cost of these shoes were, I was going to buy it and nothing would have stopped me.
2. As a "techie" and working in the technology and management consulting industry, having the lastest and greatest advantage over all my competitors is what is most important. Even though there are no "real" competitors, ensuring that all my actions are aligned with obtaining the newest tools I need to be successful, this is all that matters.
3. My goal is to maintain a physically active lifestyle and if a few hundred bucks will motivate me to keep to this goal, then it's all worth it.
4. I was the first person in the entire MALL that has purchased this shoe. When I asked to try on a pair, all 7 of the sales staff dropped what they were doing to crowd around to have a look at this shoe. "When was the last time this ever happened for a freaking running shoe?"
5. When I tried on the shoes in the store for the first time, the first thing I started doing was jumping around and run/pivot/stop looking like an idiot. But for $400 I wanted to make sure and didn't care what people thought of me looking like michael jackson in Foot Locker. I was looking for any reason to NOT LIKE the shoe by feeling for any discomfort or material that would blister my foot or contort it in any unnatural position. I could not find any flaw, it felt very comfortable, stable and supported. So I bought it.
6. When I first got home I played with the tight/loose setting and you can hear the little motors working as I went nutz jumping, rolling, stopping, pivoting etc... This is the coolest thing I have ever worn.
7. The cool factor is too high, so if you want to be superior amongst your friends in the arena of running shoes and gadgets, look no further because this is it. I can't wait to tell all my IT friends and other gadget nerds that I have this shoe.
8. Let me tell you why this shoe is soo cool. It has merged the two worlds of NERDS and JOCKS in the same arena. All Jocks want to be nerds, and all Nerds want to be Jocks. This is the best of both worlds!!! so you can actually brag about these shoes and show them off to both worlds of jocks and nerds. This basically covers off any guy out there. How do you beat that?