Friday, November 25, 2005

Reuters Video: Shoe Recharges Portable Electronics

Reuters Video: "
Ashok Sharma invented the battery recharging shoe after speaking to a friend in the paramilitary about difficulties out in the field where power is unavailable.

He says his unique shoes can also be used to charge other batteries, such as torch batteries.

Sharma has applied for patent rights and hopes to begin production of his battery charging shoes in the near future.

He says production costs should average at around 4 U.S. dollars per pair of shoes.

Ashoke Sharma, inventor of the mobile battery charging shoes, saying: (English)'One can charge mobile batteries without doing anything but walking, without wasting any energy. You can also charge other batteries including torch batteries.' "

Soldiers on patrol can charge their cellular phones without electricity

Ashok says the unique system will ease the problems faced by the Armed forces and the Paramilitary forces in the country. Since most of the times, the soldiers are in a mission, they cannot charge their radio equipments and thus lose their contacts with unit headquarters.

He believes that such a system will help the soldiers on patrol to be in touch with their colleagues. “Actually, I thought that when our security forces and Paramilitary forces go out on some mission, they do not have a charger to charge their instruments.

I thought of inventing such a system, which will help them to charge their instruments. It will also help them to maintain connection with their troops,” says Ashok

Moreover, the cost of production of this unique shoe mobile charger is very low. It is between rupees 180 to 200 (about 4 to 5 dollars). (more)

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