Sunday, July 02, 2006

Z-CoiL Testimonial of the Month: July

I suffer from severe lower back and leg pain. I am 100% flat-footed and I have rheumatoid arthritis throughout my body. Last October (2005), I bought my first pair of ZCoiL® shoes because a friend said the shoes were ugly, but they eased the pain.

Seven years ago I adopted my Chinese baby girl, and before I bought ZCoiL® shoes, I wasn't able to do all the things most moms do with their girls. I teach, and after being on my feet all day, I had to lay down and elevate my feet to take the pressure off my back, take pills, and so on. Now I can play and enjoy being with my daughter.

We also spend time in China so my daughter can learn about her language, culture, and heritage. While we're in China, I also teach, though under much worse conditions . . . but now that I have Z-CoiL® shoes-it doesn't matter!

This past December I returned to China to conduct a study and I even went sightseeing without difficulty. I walked all over Tiannanmen Square and the Forbidden City. I felt great!

Thank you Z-CoiL-I have my life back!!

For anyone who is suffering from leg or back pain . . . buy Z-CoiL® shoes and take back your life!

Candace M.
Hewitt, TX

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