Saturday, January 26, 2008

Interview: Mike Gonzalez the CEO of Xtenex

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Z-Blog Reporter Show: Jack Olmsted and Caesar Snee, the owner of the San Jose and San Francisco Z-Coil(r) Pain Relief Footware stores, talk with Mike Gonzalez the CEO of Xtenex, the manufacture of The Ultimate Shoe Lace - Knotty Boys.

The Ultimate Shoelace is comprised of laces with pre-tensioned elastic knots that control lace movement through a footwear's eyelets. When stretched, the knots collapse for easy lace-up and adjustment. When tension is released, knots re-emerge to surround both sides of the eyelet securing a desired fit.

It differs from regular laces because it can customize footwear fit around personal comfort and performance needs. It stops lace migration which is a leading cause of footwear pain, discomfort, numbness, foot fatigue and Diabetic concern. It allows custom fitting throughout the shoe instead of limiting adjustment to just an ankle tension.

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