Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Forum Topic Thread: Anyone have Z-coil shoes???

On February 22, 2008
Senior Low Carb Forum (LCF) member "Carbkinky" started a topic entitled: Z-CoiL

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I have three pairs-1 pair of sandals and 2 pairs of tennis shoes. I used to suffer from really bad planar fascitis- I did all kinds of physical therapy, had shots in the bottom of my feet (really hurt BAD and shot my blood sugar through the roof for days!!) and I also have really huge bone spurs(xrays show what looks like a long talon in each of my feet). When I wear these shoes, my pain goes away completely. I can walk, run, etc. and be pain free. I don't want to wear anything else (except if I go out on a dressy evening and then I switch right back) Being pain free and able to get around is worth every penny and then some. I also find that just replacing the coils is actually cheaper in the long run than regular shoes.

I don't think they're that ugly either-especially the black tennis shoe-and I never knew how many people notice your shoes (kids AND adults) until I wore these. If you stand on your feet on concrete or have foot, leg or back pain, they are well worth getting (and no I don't work for these folks or have any affiliation other than their shoes have saved my feet and me from pain)


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Colleene said...

Hi Laura. I just purchased my first pair of Z-Coils. I absolutely love them too. My back has not been hurting nearly as much when walking and standing. I'm having trouble with the heel pad coming loose from the spring on the outside of my right shoe. ANy trouble with that on yours?