Friday, October 17, 2008

Kristi Moore: Sitting On The Job Cost Me Money

I walk many miles each day and do a lot of standing on concrete due to my job in sales. There were times in the past that my feet, knees, and back would hurt so badly that I could barely get through the day. I found that I was having to sit more and more frequently, which cost me money. In commissioned sales you don’t make money unless you’re able to stay on your feet and talk to customers.

One of my co-workers had purchased a pair of Z-Coil Shoes from a shop in Gatlinburg, TN while he was on vacation. He too had been having a lot of knee and back pain. After a few days of wearing the new Z-Coil shoes, his pain was almost gone. His sales improved right away because he was able to stay up and talk to more people. He also could move faster when he was pain-free.

At first, I thought the shoes looked a little bunny. The heel of the shoes have a large, black spring that is attached to a rubber sole. Although I wasn’t too fond of the style, I decided that anything was better than being in pain all day, so off to Gatlinburg I went. The shoes were a little over $200, but worth every cent. I’ve now had my Z-Coils for about 8 months and they’re still as comfortable as the day I bought them. They’ve held up very nicely and are only just now beginning to show a little wear on the tread.

The springs in the heels of the shoes give each time I take a step. It completely eliminates all the impact on my feet and joints.

Best of all, my feet don’t hurt nearly as much as they did before and my back and knee pain is completely gone. The Z-Coils allow me to stay mobile for much longer periods and they paid for themselves the very first weak I had them due to the added sales I was able to make.

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