Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mommy Brain Reports: Review- Z-Coil Shoes

Apr-30-2009 By Monica

I’m always on the lookout for the coolest things around, and this review is no exception!

I was watching The Doctors one day, and they had on a pair of interesting looking shoes, that they claimed made them stand a little taller, and helped their posture. They also explained how these shoes acted like shock absorbers for their bodies.

I thought that had to be a gimmick, but I was willing to try them, so I contacted Z-coil and explained how my back, knees, and hips have hurt since carrying my twins, and my husband’s back and knees have hurt him from all of the running he did while in the Marine Corps.

They actually agreed to give us each a pair of shoes… But it wasn’t something they could just send us.

We had to go to a local authorized dealer to get custom fitted for our Z-coil shoes. (Read More)

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ttibbar said...


I am so happy to see this testimonial. I have been wearing Z-Coil now for over 10 years. My first real experience was in Nepal and everyone had bad knees coming down the Annapurna trail except me. They are amazing and I am so happy to see that someone has commented on the necessity of a good fitting and the wonderful attributes such as good posture as well as the cushion. Have you also noticed that you walk with a definite heel toe stride and of course when you are really out walking you can go for longer and faster because not only do you glide but the heel gives you energy in each step. You still get your aerobics and twice as much as you would normally get while the energy you expend is the same as walking 50% less.

Thank you Monica for doing such a good job at fitting and taking such good care of your customers, a real plus point with Z-CoiL shoe stores.

Donna Rabbitt