Friday, June 26, 2009

Shoes That Give Back to Your Body and Community

Positive Magazine
July 2009

Shoes are one of our convenient inventions to protect our feet against harsh terrain. Shoes have evolved over decades into six-inch heels for women and ridged footwear for men; but what if our shoes provided more than protection and discomfort. What if they could give your body back some of the energy it expends in walking. Z-Coil shoes are said to help strengthen your body, provide buffer so that being on your feet doesn’t wear your energy down. I had to try out a pair for myself

I picked up a pair of Z-Coil shoes ... this past week and I must say, they are comfortable. The spring acts like a firm box spring to assist in making walking smooth and less of a shock on the body. Walking with that extra pep in your step is a clear benefit of wearing Z-Coils. Also, when walking uphill the spring provides extra momentum to makes each step relaxing rather than arduous exercising: certainly a benefit for those who travel frequently and find yourself walking from terminal to terminals. Also, great for active persons who want a shoe that doesn’t drag or lag. When I put on my Z-Coils I feel like running. (Read More)

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