Thursday, October 06, 2005

October Testimonial: Kathryn M.

I discovered Z-CoiL® shoes about three years ago and have since purchased four pairs. If and when you come out with a white sandal, I will own five pairs! I own the tan and black sandals, white tennis shoes, and black Mary Janes. They go with anything I wear.

I discovered Z-CoiL® footwear after a desperate search for pain relief. I was diagnosed with bone spurs in both heels and arthritis in my knees and ankles about 10 years ago. Until I found Z-CoiL® shoes, I couldn't walk very far, and what little walking I did was with a limp. Anytime I went somewhere with my family that required a lot of walking, my children would constantly ask how I was, since they knew I was in a lot of pain. Once, while in Disneyland, they rented a wheelchair for me. I was 50 years old at the time and so sad that I couldn't walk where I wanted or for as long as I wanted. For a while I was desperate enough to consider surgery for my bone spurs, but I thought I would give Z-CoiL® footwear a try first before taking that drastic step. Boy, am I glad I did, because now I don't need surgery.

Today, I am 58 and can walk without any pain. I am a grammar school music teacher and need to stand and dance with my students all day. I can do so without foot, ankle, knee, or back pain-even after a full day's work. Z-CoiL® shoes worked for me from the very first moment I put them on. I find when I don't wear them and walk barefoot for a few days, all the pain comes back; but when I put them on again, the pain is gone and the relief is immediate.

I have sold so many family and friends on Z-CoiL® footwear. A friend of mine who did have surgery for bone spurs was having a hard time after surgery, and I suggested Z-CoiL® shoes for her. They helped ease the pain during recovery. She and her husband, a pharmacist, now wear Z-Coils daily. I am constantly asked about my shoes by total strangers who are experiencing all kinds of pain, and I happily explain to them how wonderful these shoes are and where to find them. I would like everyone to own a pair and end foot pain in the world forever.

I am happy to say that I recently went to Florida and walked all day long at amusement parks for four days, and I was totally fine.

Thanks, Z-CoiL. You have a loyal customer in me for life.

Kathryn M.
Gustine, CA

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