Monday, October 03, 2005

Inventor of Z-coil shoes visits Edina to celebrate 10th anniversary

Sun Newspapers - - Archives: "Each step feels like you're walking on a trampoline.

Z-coil shoes are not only fun to wear, but are providing pain relief for those suffering from foot and leg ailments with, literally, a twist.

The curious footwear celebrated its 10th anniversary this weekend in Edina with the shoe's inventor, Al Gallegos. Sprongs, located in the 50th and France area, hosted the event.

The shoe is mounted on a coiled spring at the heel to absorb impact and reduce the shock load on the wearer's foot. The shoes also have close to an inch of padding at the ball of the foot to give joints additional relief.

Once Julie Molde discovered a pair of Z-coils on a tennis trip to Scottsdale, Ariz., she immediately returned home to open Sprongs with her daughter, Britt. The shoe store sells more than a dozen Z-coil models, from sandals to hiking boots.

"There was a lot of interest right away because of the appearance of the shoe," Julie Molde said. "And once they tried the shoe on, they found them to be very comfortable."

Gallegos pioneered the coil concept after realizing his years of distance running were causing him pain in his feet and back, he said.

"People make excuses for why they are hurt, such as, 'Oh, I'm getting older' or 'Oh, I'm overweight,'" Gallegos said. "But we just didn't have the proper equipment."" (more)

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