Wednesday, March 15, 2006

News 8 :: KFMB Stations, San Diego, California

"Most people will suffer from some sort of foot, knee or back pain during their lifetime. And in many cases, these conditions will keep them from living a full life. But what if staying healthy was as simple as changing your shoes.

If Doctor Seuss made shoes, they might look like these shoes. While this funny footwear may make some people laugh, those who are wearing them are smiling for a different reason. They're finally walking without pain.

'It was significantly better in the knee department, perfect in the feet department, and pretty darn good in the rest of the department,' said Doctor John Webster, who wears Z-Coil Shoes.

John and Karolyn Webster have been wearing Z-Coil shoes for several years. They say the springy shoes have done wonders for alleviating their aches and pains." (Read More)


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