Saturday, April 01, 2006

Americans Urged To Get Walking During April’s Foot Health Awareness Month

It doesn't matter who you walk with, just walk

Did you know healthy feet and a good pair of walking shoes are vital for walking? The reality is a 150 pound person walking one mile can exert a force of 63.5 tons on a single foot. For this reason, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) wants to educate consumers about the impact walking can have on the feet.

“Walking is such a beneficial exercise, but unfortunately the feet are often ignored,” says President of APMA Dr. Lloyd Smith. “We want walkers to know that simply wearing the proper walking shoe can help curtail needless foot pain.”

How to select the proper walking footwear and the common foot ailments associated with walking are some of the messages the APMA will emphasize as part of Foot Health Awareness Month and the association’s continuing public awareness campaign Podiatrists Keep America Walking. In addition, the APMA has created a series of walking initiatives, including promotion of its third annual Best Walking Cities competition and development of a walking pocket guide.

During the spring months, the APMA in conjunction with Prevention, one of the most influential health and fitness magazines in the country, will generate nationwide interest in walking and its health benefits with its Best Walking Cities competition. Events, such as city walks to award presentations, will be held in each of the winning cities.

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