Saturday, December 06, 2008

Jumping for joy: “Pain-relieving” footwear promises to put a spring in your step

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"Nurses know it. So do hair stylists, factory workers, letter carriers and others whose jobs require them to spend hours at a time standing. Spending hours walking and standing can be a pain in the neck, not to mention the hip, the back, the knees and the feet.

On Dec. 10, the St. Charles Mercy Hospital Auxiliary is sponsoring a sale of a line of pain-relieving footwear that can bring welcome comfort and even put a new “spring” in your step.

John Thierry, Z-CoiL Comfort Shoes in Dearborn, Mich., visit to St. Charles is an encore, requested by employees who weren’t able to purchase when he came last month, according to auxiliary president Irene Csanyi.

“They made a big hit, so we decided to bring them back again,” she said. When asked if she purchased a pair for herself, Csanyi said, “Not yet.” (Read More)

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