Sunday, December 28, 2008

Testimonial: "I Can Walk Circles Around the Youngsters"

Janice and Narayan Baltzo, of Living Music, came in recently with mom to buy more Zcoil pain relief footwear.

Z-CoiL Seattle: Janice shared her compelling story of her first contact with Zcoil footwear and how they changed her life..
" I've had a lot of back trouble for decades. I have tried naturopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, icing, yoga and acupuncture for any help in easing my pain. "

"I injured my spine when I turned wrong while holding a light truss (heavy gear) in1979. I ended up in the hospital with a "frozen" spine."

"One day while on the road in June of 2008 we had stopped at a rest stop. I had to hobble to the restroom my back hurt so much."

What was to follow was a life changing event at the next rest stop.

"We stopped for some ice cream and met a lady who said "I can walk circles around these youngsters". She said it was because of her Zcoil footwear she was able to be so active. Her late husband it turns out used to sell Zcoil pain relief footwear and she happened to have some in the back store room that fit me. That was the first pair of Zcoils I bought-a pair of Black Freedoms."

After that is history: "OMG look at this, I ran out to the van saying "I am running".
I then ran around the rest stop jogging the perimeter right after I got them and was giggling. I was so darn happy.

I looked up where Zcoil was on the web and came in for my next pair- a Black Taos Strap (Mary Jane style). She also bought the Lynco arch supports, our Injinji "toe socks", and several of the bamboo socks.

Narayan has a pair of the grey Freedoms and ZWalkers. Mom got a pair of Z Walkers with laces that stay tied "knotty boys". She was so pleased with the way the Jobst compression socks made her legs feel with better circulation.

Janice is so moved by her experience with the footwear she mentions her story everywhere their music and their connecting communities work carries them-to churches, yoga centers, independent bookstores, and outdoor concerts. "How can you not want to spread the word about Zcoil?"
Here is more about the work of Janet and Narayan:

Vision Statement
To create, perform and promote music & lyrics that are expansive and life-affirming. To help advance music beyond its current common usage as entertainment or stimulation, and utilize its power to inspire, heal and uplift.- Composing music with Sacred Intention- Performing this music with uplifted consciousness in receptive venues- Promoting awareness of Sound and Music's effect on us so we can make healthier choices- Infusing conscious music into every possible form of media, including radio, television, movie soundtracks and advertising- Increasing awareness of artists to be more conscious of the effect of their art on themselves and others- Creating opportunities and opening venues for conscious musicians and audiences- Connecting communities through shared musical experiences- Increasing the appreciation of Music, Art and Beauty in our society
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