Friday, August 20, 2004

KCBS: Z-Coil Shoes For Pain Relief

KCBS%3A Z-Coil Shoes For Pain ReliefIt's an unusual pair of footwear, but some swear it's making a difference with certain kinds of foot and leg pain.

So they're not a fashion statement. But loyal customers of Z-Coil shoes say it's a small price to pay for relief they feel from problems such as foot, leg and back pain.

Lara Kjersted is a restaurant owner. She's on her feet all day and says these shoes have helped relieve pain she's had for years.

"I'm there 10-12 hours cooking and supervising. These shoes do wonders. I don't have ankle, knee and hip problems," she says.

Z-Coil shoes were developed by a runner who suffered from foot and back problems. The design is said to reduce pain and skeletal impact because of the shock-absorbing coil along with a special orthodic base.

The coil spring is mounted to a solid orthodic, so from the ball of your foot to the heel, your foot does not flex or bend, which helps eliminate planter facitis or heel spurs and reduces skeletal impact by 50 percent.

Retailers say Z-Coil shoes won't fix problems, but can help people feel better and say many experience immediate relief.

"Most people know within a minute of putting the shoe on if it's going to make a difference for them," says Richard Redlein, of Z-Best Pain Relief Footwear.

There are some drawbacks. Aside from their unusual look, Z-Coil shoes can take some getting used to. They're also expensive, ranging from $139 to $179.

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