Saturday, August 21, 2004 - Testing Z-Coil Footwear - Content -No, it's not futuristic footwear: it's Z-Coil. Chris Miles loves her pair. She says, "I wore these all last winter, wore the clogs in the summer, and brought these back out for this winter." Miles and her business partner are both registered nurses. They tried Z-Coil's, liked them, and started selling them in Springfield. The shoe was originally designed by a longtime runner in Arizona. "The whole shoe is built on a rigid orthotic, this cradles the foot." And it keeps it stable. Then, the coil acts as a shock absorber for impact protection. Although, it does look funny. Miles says, "Most people, once they try them on and feel how they are they forget about the funny looks." If you say so!

9News anchor Erin Bruce and I are testing the funky shoes out. Erin's been a runner since she was a kid, and I picked up the sport about a year ago. After getting accustomed to the feel in the store, we hit the track: Hayward Field. The shoes are really comfortable, like running on air (or springs). The coil also adds weight to the shoe, which takes getting used to. After several laps, Erin sees the benefits for people who have injuries. Erin says, "I've had reconstructive ankle surgery, I have no ACL in my knee, I have scar tissue, I get shin splints, so I think it could help a lot."

Erin doesn't feel as stable on the shoes while running bleachers, and she feels they're too heavy for competition. But, we both agree, the shoes are great for people who work on their feet. Overall, we'll rank the Z-Coil a 7 out of 9. Every foot is different, but ours like the Z-Coil.

Andrea Ash
KEZI 9News

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