Monday, August 23, 2004

A Step Above Footwear: Can customers post directly to my blog?

A Step Above Footwear

> Okay I found out how to post on the blog. But what
> I am trying to get clear and though you haven't
> directly said it I guess my customers cannot publish
> directly to the blog. They can only post as a
> comment and I have to publish it on the blog. Is
> this correct?

Since we are both "Blog Administrators", we can make anyone a "contributor". A contributor can post directly to the blog. All you (or I) have to do is invite them. Remember: I invited you to be a contributor. There can be 1 or 500+ contributors to your blog.

Customers that are not contributors can only post to the blog through comments.

I set it up so there is one place where your customers can quickly and easily post their stories as comments to the blog. If you have them posting directly to the blog, it would be difficult for people to find all the testimonials in 6 months or a year. The only way they could do this is by searching the blog.

This is why I put "A Step Above Footwear Testimonial" in the headline of Colleen's story. So, if people just want to read Testimonials from your customers that were posted directly to the blog, they can do so by searching the site.

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