Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Testimonial of the Month: September

Simply Amazing! I CAN WALK AGAIN! Before I got my Z-CoiL� shoes, I had to get a wheelchair just for simple shopping visits. I'm only 18! How embarrassing. Now when I go out wearing my Z-CoiL� shoes, I get compliments about how cool my shoes are and I feel as if I can walk for an eternity! My pain medication intake has greatly decreased and I finally feel and look my age.

Since turning 14, I have had two back surgeries and six back injections and was facing a third back surgery to fix a ruptured disc. I have a genetic disc disorder and my spinal discs herniate and rupture about every two years. Now no doctor will touch me because I'm so young and have already had too much work done. I finally got a pair of Z-CoiL� shoes, and it's the only thing that has helped me.

The people who sold me these shoes at the Z-CoiL� store in Irving, Texas, were just wonderful. They were so very kind and understanding and just great people. I will definitely be a regular customer.

What can I say? Amazing shoes, GREAT customer service-what more can a person ask for? I will certainly be wearing Z-CoiL� shoes until my time is up.

Megan B.
Little Elm, Texas

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