Saturday, February 10, 2007

Exercise benefits diabetics

FROM LEFT: Byron, Margie and Wyatt Moats pass Plaster City in their Z-coils on their San Diego to Savannah cross-country walk for diabetes.

By GREG HOLT, Staff Writer

Wednesday, February 7, 2007 11:08 AM PST

Brothers Byron and Wyatt Moats are both diabetic, but that didn’t stop them from walking from San Diego to El Centro during the past 11 days.

What’s more, they plan to continue walking until they reach the Atlantic Ocean in Savannah, Ga., to raise awareness of the importance of exercise for diabetics.

Byron and Wyatt are both married (to Julia and Margie Moats, respectively, who joined them on their trip) and retired, and both have said they’ve found it much easier to deal with diabetes when they stick to a daily exercise regimen.

“It’s amazing how quickly your blood sugar level drops when you exercise,” said Wyatt Moats, a resident of Providence Village, Texas. “Once, I ate a big meal and my blood sugar was at 181, but after I went for a walk it dropped to 118.” (Read More)

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