Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OhGizmo! » Archive » Z-CoiL Shoes Are Apparently Not A Sight Gag

By Andrew Liszewski

While they might look like they came from a grade 6 science fair project, the Z-CoiL line of shoes are apparently very real. Their most striking feature, the Z-CoiL itself, is made of steel and serves two purposes.

First, it slows the rate of impact experienced by the body when taking a step, since it absorbs a lot of that energy as the coil is compressed. Then as the foot moves forward to take the next step that energy in the coil is released, giving you a small boost.

Unfortunately the shoes just look plain ridiculous, and I’d gladly choose to live with any pain if the alternative involved me wearing these things in public. (Read More)

The above article generate a rather large amount of comments:

I'm a healthcare professional and I wear Z-CoiL shoes in my office every day. I own seveal pair. They have been great for my back and knees. Your sophomoric comments about z-coil reflect a lack of awareness. Z-CoiL (headquartered in Albuquerque, NM) has been selling this footwear for over 12 years... - John Dobbins

Z-CoiL shoes were recommended to me by my knee surgeon to save me from a second surgery...5 years later of wearing z-Coils and no knee pain and NO KNEE SURGERY! - Sandy

I guess ignorance is bliss... apparently, you have not been in as much pain as I have in my life, because if you were, you would realize that if a shoe can make you be pain-free when doctors have recommended surgery on both knees and hip, you would wear them! Without my Z-CoiL's, I am in a lot of pain and have a severely reduced quality of life. With Z-CoiL's, I lead a normal productive life... I just hope that you never have to endure the kind of pain that I have, but if you do, try Z-CoiL's. It changed my life and it will change yours! - James R.

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