Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Z-Coil Testimonial- heal your Plantar Fasciitis | Authentic Threads

"Its funny, because in 2004 I ran a marathon with no foot injuries or pain. But about a year later, I started working at a new place and wearing flat, non-cushioned work shoes. I walked several blocks on cement to a bus, then I walked on cement to the building I worked in, then I walked on cement all around my neighborhood.

Suddenly I had flaming pain underneath my foot that I learned was Plantar fasciitis. It took me awhile to figure out what the pain was. Basically the plantar fascia under my foot had torn a little bit from all the pounding my feet were getting, then it got inflamed, and because I kept walking everyday, it never got a chance to heal.

Well, after many months of pain, I found Z-Coil shoes online. They are so ugly, but I swear, my feet hurt so bad, I just didn’t care at all. I had a family vacation coming up and I didn’t want to be in pain the whole time. I wore my Z-Coil shoes for two weeks before the trip." (Read More)

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