Friday, January 28, 2005

Celebrity Diabetics: Halle Berry - The Diabetes Weblog

Celebrity Diabetics: Halle Berry - The Diabetes Weblog:

"I never would have guessed superstar actress Halle Berry has diabetics. But she does. Not only that, she attributes the disease to her success. Without it, she's convinced she'd never have become an OSCAR-winning actress." (click title for more)

Halle has an excellent multimedia website. It is fun to navigate and very deep in informational content. She has a page devoted to coping and living with diabetes.

This morning I sent Halle an e-mail offering her a pair of Z-CoiLs.

Yesterday, I sent the editors of the Diabetes Weblog the November press release, Can Z-CoiL® Footwear Reduce Diabetics’ Impact?. Apparently, they don't think their audience should be made aware of the bouncy shoes that help diabetics.


JOlmsted said...

bot email from halle....i really don't like out-of-date information. Major turn-off.

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Maltese Mommy said...

Wonderful Blog. I live with3 relatives who have diabetes and they hate taking needles. I heard there is a new medicine that you inhale. This is a day brightener to anyone who has diabetes.