Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Press Release - Knoty Boy Asymmetiric Laces Good Fit For Z-CoiL Footwear Dealers

Knoty Boy - Press Release:

Knoty Boy Asymmetiric Laces Good Fit For Z-CoiL Footwear Dealers

#1 3rd Party Lace 4 Revolutionary Spring Soled Shoe: Conforms Lace-Up Footwear 2 Normal & Sensitive Feet

i-Newswire, 2005-01-25 - Denver, CO - Knoty Boy introduces Asymmetiric laces - an elastic shoelace that allows lace shoes to become slip-ons yet maintain even tension throughout the entire foot. The high tech elastic laces are the number one third party accessory sold by Z-CoiL dealers nationwide.

Z-Coil Footwear Dealer Feedback

I sell Knoty boy shoelaces with almost every pair of
lace up shoes that go out the door. My customers love
them for many reasons but the main reason is the ease
that they can put on their shoe and the comfort the
lace affords. I have been told many times how amazed
they are that they never realized just how much time
they spent re-tying their shoes throughout the day
because they came untied or they were tight or loose.
I am also told how they love how secure their shoe
feels without being tight.

There was an article in a newspaper that I read about
how the younger generation are causing themselves many
foot problems because they leave their shoelaces
untied or very loosly tied so they can slip their
shoes on and off. Many of my customers also buy laces
for their children to aleviate this problem not to
mention that the Knoty boy is so much safer for an
active child. Cannot get caught in the bicycle, will
not come loose while they are climbing, skateboarding
or playing games such as football, baseball, socker or

Donna Rabbitt

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