Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Testimonial: Kim Lunsford - Staunton, Va.

CloudFeet, FLJust wanted to let you know how the Z-Coil's are doing for me. I had a little getting used to them for the first couple of days but was able to wear them all day. By the third day I was used to them and they felt great. The secretary where I work said that she could not hear me coming the way that she used to, when my right foot would just flop down when I walked.

I have worn the Z-Coils every day since I have been home and I put on my other shoes because it was wet outside and I did not want to get the coils dirty, and my old shoes really hurt my feet. I am standing and walking better that I have in 24 years (car accident 02-02-79) and thank you very much for letting me try the z-Coils while in Tavernier this weekend. A special thank you for getting me to try them without my personalized orthodics. My orthodics were my security blanket and I would never have believed that I could walk without them again. Also, my feet have not been as tired or hurt like they normally do.

I have had people stop and ask me about the shoes and have had a lot of people that are very interested in the shoes because you can look at my walk and tell the difference.

Please share my success with these shoes with others because I know what it is like to try to find shoes for problem feet!

Thanks so much,
Kim Lunsford
Staunton, Virginia

P.S. Since this writing Kim has opened her own Z-Coil store, Z-Happy Feet, in Virginia...

Cloudfeet, Oceanside Tavernier, Fl

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