Thursday, December 30, 2004

Church of the Customer: 10 resolutions for 2005

Church of the Customer: 10 resolutions for 2005: "2004 was a busy year for word of mouth. From BzzAgents to blogs to podcasting, marketers have more tools than ever to facilitate buzz.
That's word of mouth. Customer evangelism focuses on building relationships with existing customers who spread the word and believe in your company, its people or its values. Customer evangelists volunteer to help you find other customers just like themselves to help grow and strengthen your community. They do this voluntarily because you have bonded with them emotionally.
2005 may be the year that word of mouth and customer evangelism come into their highest prominence yet; to help out, we have assembled a list of ten resolutions to consider for the new year. After all, year-long resolutions about customers seem a lot easier than staying with a new diet."

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