Thursday, December 02, 2004

InfoWorld TechWatch: Word of The Year: Blog

InfoWorld TechWatch: Word of The Year: Blog: "The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and other papers this morning ran a story stating that blog was the most common word visitors to Merriam Webster's online site sought a definition for throughout 2004.
The mild irony, perhaps, is that blog is not yet in the dictionary; then again, its newness must be precisely why so many people looked it up.
Merriam-Webster's editors, the story said, already had plans to include it in next year's hardbound edition, and due to the overwhelming number of lookups, have already added it online.
The fact that blog is not yet in the hardbound edition, and was only recently added to the online version, reminds me of an English teacher I had in high school who used to say that any dictionary worth its weight is obsolete by printing time, because the language evolves at such a rapid pace that dictionary compilers cannot keep up via annual editions. "

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