Saturday, December 18, 2004

Last night I attended my first bloggers meeting

Ben McConnell, author of Creating Customer Evangelists, organized an informal meeting at the Westlake Center Food Court.

I was able to share with the others:

about how I first heard Ben speak in New Mexico in June on the subject of customer evangelists.

It was a real eye opener to have defined for me those folks that came in to tell me about my business. Prior to his presentation, I was not receptive to those folks coming in giving me real time feedback and ideas on their vision for my business. Since his talk, I am much more ready to adjust, revise, change or at least listen to my customer evangelists-some of whom are created on the spot once they have tried on the Z-coil footwear for the first time. Experiencing pain relief for some is so life changing, they want to impart their insights into how to insure that my business succeeds.

I was able to thank Ben for the insight he gave me on who this person is, and how this information changed my business practice.

Last night, Alice Cunningham heard my name and remembered meeting me years ago (20+) at the WBO and a common acquaintance we had. She impressed me with her memory skills and the stories she told of the little things she does to thank her customers. When a repeat customer moved for the third time into a house with a pool and told her he would not be purchasing that
third hot tub, she sent him towels and a couple of rubber duckies saying "Please use these until you decide you want to go back to a hot tub" and other such vignettes.

Pete Winemiller shared how he hires people who not only have the people skills to greet and serve the public, but they must be problem solvers in the moment. So the concessionaire who hears a disgruntled season pass holders complaint on Friday night is not only empowered to assist the customer, but this is their job description. The goal is to not have this same customer calling on Saturday morning still not properly assisted.

Many of those present talked about the blog experience. Ben asked me when will I be posting on my blog. This will be my first attempt. Let me know if you see it!

Lotchie Kerch DPM
owner of Your 2 Feet
a pain relief foot center in Seattle, Wa.


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