Thursday, October 14, 2004

Z-Shoes: Testimonials: Pain/Profession

Testimonials suffered a serious, job-related wound to my lower back & sciatica nerve 12 years ago. I gradually went from not able to walk to being able to walk short distances -- surgery to repair is not an option as everything that could be done had been done. Pain management was now a priority and even the radial freezing procedure was at an end due to scar tissue. Foot travel was severely limited and I was down to a rascal scooter for public travel and a quad for outdoor moving around on our rural surroundings. I was on 3 Vicodin (7.5-750) per day.

And then one day, a supply salesman that comes into my wife's hair salon came in with the funniest shoes and an even funnier spiel. Yeah, Right! Well, my wife sat me down and said--"Try 'em!" Immediately upon standing up I felt a MAJOR change--NO PAIN and I walked, and then I walked some more and then I walked even more. I walked more than I have in years. Before I could have gone maybe 60 yards and then had to wait 20-30 minutes to make it back to my starting point. After a week of wearing the shoes, I can now go back AND forth to the same storage room 4-5 times with no recovery time needed.

I am down to 1 Vicodin/day and hope to reduce that to 5.50-500 or even 1/2 of a 7.5-750. My neurologist is amazed and asked for brochures for his office and for his own information to help his patients--the man is not narrow minded and is all for using whatever is necessary to help his patients. I am not saying these are a cure-all, but I AM saying I now have a fuller and more productive life that is pain-free

Thank you for helping make my life enjoyable again.

Claude Fogel
Chino Valley, AZ

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