Saturday, October 16, 2004

Z-Life of Tampa Bay - Authorized Dealers of Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear

Z-Life of Tampa Bay - Authorized Dealers of Z-Coil Pain Relief Footwear: "Mike and Debi Rogers, are the owners of Z-Life, Inc. which opened as an authorized Z-Coil Pain Relief Center in Palm Harbor, FL in October, 2003. They opened their second store in New Port Richey in May, 2004.

Debi has arthritis in both knees and suffered from knee and back pain for several years. She and her husband, Mike were shopping for a much-dreamed-of RV one day and Debi was in a lot of pain, really limping, when the RV salesman noticed her limp and asked her what was wrong. He smiled and said “You just need to get some of these shoes like I’ve got on!”. He showed her his Z-Coils and told her how he was “bone-on-bone” in both knees, but with Z-Coils, was able to work, on his feet, without pain – no longer taking the 12-15 pain pills that he had been taking daily! In fact, he talked more about enthusiastically the Z-Coils than he did about the RV. He couldn’t help himself – he was excited!

The Rogers’s did not buy an RV that day – instead they went home and called an uncle who is a doctor, and asked to him about Z-Coils. He had never heard of them, but did some research and later told Debi he thought they might really help her situation and encouraged her to try them. He also told Debi’s cousin who drove to Houston, Texas to get her first Z-‘s, reporting back that they had helped her walk with no knee pain.

So Mike and Debi drove from Lexington, Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia – over 350 miles – to buy her first pair of Z-Coils after hearing about them from that RV salesman. They felt really comfortable on her feet and what’s more – Debi noticed a difference immediately – the knee pain and back pain was immediately relieved and the shoes helped her to stand up straighter as well. Mike bought a pair too, mainly because he wanted to make sure he was taller than his wife! They felt great on his feet and he became an instant convert to the preventative benefits of Z-Coil!

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