Monday, November 29, 2004

Interview with Segway Shoes Owner: Terry Perdue

> Where did you buy your Segway? Amazon, Nov. 18, 2002
> What model do you have? i-series, p-series
> Why did you buy it? Thought it looked like a fun way to commute
> How often do you use it? Every day
> What do you think of the job Segway the company is> doing? Fine, except for lack of advertising

> Segway has had 4 CEO in four years. Your thoughts? Don't know the details of why any left
> Have you modified your Segway? Only slightly - tail light and waterbottle holder
> Do you ride it at night? Yes, and before sunrise in the morning, commuting
> Have you been to see the new Seattle Segway dealer? Yes, several times
> What do you think of Segway's marketing? What marketing - did I miss something?
> What Segway accessories do you have?

  • ARC headlight
  • 12.0 & 25.0 bags
  • ET tires
  • hub lock
Segway Shoes

> When did you get your Z-CoiLs? 3 or 4 months ago
> Where did you get them? Your 2 Feet, Seattle
> Why did you get them? A friend said he liked his, and I was having heal pain
> Do you wear them when you are not on your Segway? Yes
> Did you have them adjusted? No

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