Friday, November 12, 2004

Albuquerque Tribune Online: Born of pain, Z-Tech Shoes makes giant strides

Albuquerque Tribune Online: Business: "Al Gallegos and son Andres have a deal for you. In one of the most unusual public offerings ever held in New Mexico, their company, Z-Tech Inc., will give you a pair of their high-tech shoes if you invest $250.
Described in their promotional packet as 'Z-Coil Shoes for Pain Relief,' the shoes and boots feature, in addition to the coil, a built-in orthotic (stabilizing plate) and an inch of cushioning. Originally intended for runners, the company has shifted its focus in response to customer demand.

Sitting in his North Valley store, Gallegos twists a couple of Nike and Reebok shoes. 'If I were to run in that, I'd get hurt,' he says.

The big sport-shoe manufacturers don't make a supportive shoe, he says. From the heel to the forefoot, your foot isn't flexible, Gallegos explains, and that portion of your shoe shouldn't flex either. If it does, you can injure the tendons of the foot and, with enough shock to the foot, even fracture the bones.

Gallegos is excited about two potential new markets. The Army Rangers are testing the work boot at Fort Bliss in El Paso and Fort Benning in Georgia. And doctors with MedEfficiency Inc. in Denver are working with Z-Tech to develop a shoe that prevents diabetic patients from developing wounds."

By Sherry Robinson
Tribune reporter
May 8, 2000

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