Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Segway shoes

- Segway shoes: "The Zcoil CloudWalker is the shoe that I have been using for the past 7 months. I love them because when you are NOT using the Segway, they make hard surfaces feel like they are covered with gym mats or heavy carpet pad.

Using them has been fine on the Segway. They look so unique from the rear of the HT! Because you don't walk when using the HT, the large spring heel does not get compressed as much. The result is less cushioning then expected (although I have not tried any other shoe - I will test with a different shoe!)

UPDATE: Regular shoes seemed to jump off the platform during sidewalk drops tonight. The Z-coil shoes have a better grip. Note: They are NOT a high heel. The front of the shoe is one inch of cushion material. The entire shoe raises you one inch.

I did wear them at training, however the spring is not easy to see in the video. Check out how they look from the front.

UPDATE: A new photo was taken today of the rear of the shoe (while on the Segway platform.) Scroll down to the EIGHTH photo"

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