Thursday, November 18, 2004

Segway Chat Forum: Segway meets Z-Coil Shoes

- Segway meets Z-Coil Shoes This morning on the front page of the business section in the Sarasota Herald Tribune is an article entitled "Spring Comes To Town". The first four paragraphs are as follows:

'If you happen to see Tom and Janey Jacobson scooting around downtown Sarasota, you'll notice two unusual things about them.

The first is that they're traveling on Segway Human Transporters- those 21st century, gyroscopic people movers that allow pedistrians to breeze along sweltering sidewalks without breaking a sweat.

The second is that they're probably wearing space-age, high-heeled sneakers or clogs made by an Alburquerque, N.M. based company called Z-Coil.

"We're often on our feet six hours a day," said Janey Jacobson, co-owner of Florida Ever-Glides Inc., which offers Segway tours of the city. "We were looking for something to make our feet more comfortable."'

The rest of the article went on to talk about the benefits of the Z-Coil shoes. We thought it was great that they tied the furtistic shoes together with futuristic transportation. Showing how they can work together for a more efficient, safe, and comfortable way to get around is the kind of cooperation that LLC should be looking for to bring a wider legitimacy to this 'new' idea of a more efficient pedistrian...

Segway LLC (Z-CoiL dealers) are you seeing this great marketing opportunity? Go for it...

Tom Jacobson

Diane Sawyer does acrobatic stunts on Segway-HT after only minutes of practice.

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