Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Washington Missourian: Villa Ridge Woman Opens Shoe Store in Ellisville

Washington MissourianKathy Erwin saw a problem and decided she would do her best to fix it. Everywhere she looked, she noticed people were in pain, and Erwin, who lives in Villa Ridge, thought she knew the problem. They had bad footware.

As a result, in March of this year, she opened Spring Action and Footwear of St. Louis, located in Ellisville offering Z-Coil shoes.

Z-Coil shoes have a built-in shock reducing coil on the heel of the shoe, designed to ease the pain of those suffering from various ailments, such as back pain, leg and knee pain and foot pain.

Erwin said the shoes also are good for those on their feet all day, such as nurses, factory workers, schoolteachers and construction workers.

"Because this footwear alleviates the shock wave your body experiences with each step, anyone who walks, stands or spends any time on their feet could benefit from Z-Coil footwear," Erwin said.

Jason Granger
Missourian Staff Writer

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