Sunday, November 14, 2004

'Healthy' cell phones are the latest trend

MENAFN: "SEOUL, Nov. 14 (UPI) -- The latest trends in cell phones in South Korea are so-called 'healthy phones' that do such tasks as test blood glucose or measure body fat levels.

Cell phones embedded with health-care functions are the trendiest thing recently in the convergence trend, which breaks down conventional barriers between distinctive industries, reported the Korea Times Sunday.

Phone maker LG has released a diabetes phone, the LG-KP8400, through an alliance with Healthpia, a health-related venture start-up company. The microchip in the phone can measure the human body's glucose level, a sugar that comes from food.
The phone can also accumulate the data and communicate it to a physician, thus enabling patients to get a medical consultation without having to visit a medical facility.

'We will further cater to the escalating demands for health-care models by presenting a stress phone which lets people check their heart rate or a diet phone which can measure body fat, next year,' a LG spokesman said."

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