Monday, November 15, 2004

November is Diabetes Month – Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Can Help!

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Yahoo! Groups Message Board"We have had a number of people who have had burning and numbness in their feet, symptoms associated with a diabetes condition called neuropathy," said Caesar Snee, owner of EZ Shoes, an authorized Z-CoiL distributor in San Jose, CA. "By taking the pressure off of the forefront of the foot and the heels, the symptoms are reduced significantly and the customer is able to enjoy a more normal life."

Mr. Snee also stated that the Z-CoiL is very adjustable. "We are
able to modify the built-in orthotic to ensure that the diabetic has
ample room in the footwear to eliminate any potential issues with
rubbing and creating open sores on the feet," said Mr. Snee. "Also,
the coil is adjustable so that we can put a softer side on the back
of the footwear to eliminate even more of the shock that their feet
would normally endure."

This revolutionary footwear is becoming invaluable to people in
careers that require long hours spent on their feet, and also to
people who suffer from such painful conditions as plantar fasciitis,
heel spurs, arthritis, back problems, or bone-on-bone knee issues. Z-CoiL footwear is gaining a tremendous and loyal following nationwide as word of its pain relief benefits for a variety of health related issues is spreading, with more than 200 authorized dealers

EZ Shoes is located at 2077 Camden Avenue in San Jose in the Camden Park Shopping center at the corner of Camden and Union. Product photos and customer testimonials can be located at

Contact Information:
Caesar Snee, Authorized Dealer
EZ Shoes
(408) 558-9596

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