Saturday, November 13, 2004

Z-CoiL Dealer: Solstice Ergonomic Footwear :: What is Solstice?

Solstice Ergonomic Footwear :: What is Solstice? The decision to name our store “Solstice” was evident the moment we bought our first pair of Z-CoiLs. We noticed that the Solstice symbol is on every box of Z-CoiLs and imprinted on every single pair of shoes. The ”O” in Z-CoiL is in fact a “Solstice Symbol”.

The “coil” symbol or 'swirl' as some like to call it is repeated in graphic arts almost everywhere you go. From paper bags to clothing, the Solstice symbol is appealing to the human eye and used quite often. You need not look far, it's there! Whether it spirals from right to left, or left to right, mankind has been using this symbol since the Stone Age. Centuries ago, Native Americans were weaving this symbol into the bottom of their baskets and painting it on pottery, while the Chinese were adopting the opposing summer and winter Solstice as their yin-yang symbol.

Even on cave walls deep inside the earthen mounds built in Ireland that date back to the Stone Age, humans have been plotting the Sun's movement across the sky for centuries. Stonehenge is actually an observatory that was built and re-developed by differing peoples over an expanse of time to suit the needs of the Druids and their predecessors. What kinds of rituals and events were taking place? Perhaps a calendar of sorts was being developed to mark the change of the seasons so that farmers could plan when to cultivate and plant their crops. Or livestock herders could use the calendar to move their stock to higher ground in the summer and lower altitudes in the spring for the new births. Remember, it could take a month or so to reach new pastures. So, civilizations planned for food and shelter by the Solstice and it was the way of life and preparation for the future. And here at Solstice Ergonomic Footwear, we believe that all good things come from the “coil”. And all you have to do is come in and try on a pair of Z-CoiL's and see for yourself!

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