Friday, February 18, 2005

Good Housekeeping: Testing Z-CoiL Shoes - Broadcast: Streaming Video

Good Housekeeping: Testing Z-CoiL Shoes - Broadcast: Streaming Video: "A new shoe on the market with a spring in the heel promises to alleviate foot, leg and back pain.

But when a woman broke her leg wearing them, GH decided to test them.

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In viewing your article on the Z-Coil shoes I was very disturbed by the biased comments. The Staffers that said she "thought" that her heel hurt and that the shoes were unstable were really working to make a story. I have a very serous back injury that has caused serious pain every day for over 35 years. I lived on pain medication with no effect. The three + years that I have worn the Z- Coils is the first time I have been totally Pain free. I also had arthritic pain in my knee from an injury. NO MORE PAIN. I have talked to many medical personel who do and do not wear the shoes and they all strongly recommend them for their patients. The article takes away from your credibility. Ken Carter Scottsdale, Arizona

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