Monday, February 07, 2005

Total Relief Footwear - Testimonial: Marc Hayworth

Total Relief Footwear - Austin, TX:

In very rough seas aboard a Navy ship, I was thrown into a hatch, resulting in a cracked vertebra and several ruptured disks. I also broke my ankle and fractured my knee. I spent three years in the hospital enduring several surgeries and ongoing rehabilitation. Since my injury, pain has been part of my daily life. At the beginning of the work week my pain is manageable, but my condition deteriorates with each passing day. By Friday, I am normally a wreck.

My wife discovered Z-CoiLs watching an advertisement on TV and did some research about Z-CoiLs on the internet. I was extremely skeptical, thinking these shoes were just another "snake oil" remedy promising pain relief, only to fall short of their claims. In fact, the ONLY reason that I came to Total Relief Footwear was to appease my wife. I was in a considerable amount of pain when I walked into the store. Cam White, the owner thoroughly explained the design of the shoe, and then fitted me with the black Freedom 2000 shoes. As soon as I got on my feet, I began to feel immediate relief from the pain in my back. I was walking straighter, and was much less dependent on my cane. After a few adjustments to the footwear, the shoes felt even better.

If the footwear offered 10 - 20 percent improvement in pain relief, the cost would have been worth it. I honestly believe that Z-CoiLs have given me a 300 percent improvement in my condition. I have far less pain and fatigue on a daily basis, and now Friday feels the same as Monday. My experience at Total Relief Footwear was great. It's obvious that they are in the business of taking care of their customers.

Marc Hayworth
Round Rock, TX"

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