Monday, February 21, 2005

Rick Steves Graffiti Wall: Best Walking Shoes

Graffiti Wall: Best Walking Shoes:

"Best EVER shoes have springs

These are the best shoes I've EVER worn.

I can't say enough about the comfort I enjoyed in Italy, France, England.

They have springs on them so you don't keep 'hitting' the pavement. Instead, they ABSORB the shock for you and let you keep touring in comfort. They actually allowed me to walk all day long.

I have metatarsal pain, sometimes plantar facitis pain and bad knee arthritis, not to mention about 4 or 5 back injuries (and I'm only 35!).

I wore the white athletic shoe they sell, got tons of looks, and started lots of conversations in Italian/French. It was sensational.

Airport screeners were no problem, but were fascinated and it helped that I had a brochure to show they were for health reasons. They will X-ray your shoes to death, but no harm done. I hope you get some. I think the website is named after the shoes, do a search on Z-coils.

I read this wall before and bought Clarks of England. My feet still hurt! These blow all other 'sensible' shoes away, and hey, they even look Jetson-esque.

Frances Peterson <email>
San Francisco, CA USA Sun 08/15/2004 "

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